Can You Be a Christian and Not Go to Church?

Can you be a Christian and not go to church? It is something I have been thinking about, because I have not been to church for three weeks. However, in my defense I can say it is not by choice. The sprit is willing. Unfortunately the body is not. And I miss it. I miss leading the congregation in song. Thankfully God has provided others to step up in the interim and help out in that way. I miss hearing God’s Word preached and our pastor’s sermons. I miss hearing people praying for each other. It is often during those … Continue reading

The Biggest Problem with Church

Sometimes the biggest problem with church is people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like people, I do. But I’ve come across a few incidents recently where people, and I’m talking Christian people who are part of the church, have been downright rude and unfeeling towards others. One that struck me particularly and I have see this a lot is where two or more people are engaged in a conversation and another person comes up and immediately cuts into the conversation and starts to talk as though what they have it say is more important. More often … Continue reading

A Common Problem in Churches

In just about every church I’ve ever belonged to there is a common problem. Too much is left to too few people. But then it’s not just a problem with churches but a problem with any organization. What happens is a person become overcommitted, overworked and can end up burning out. So what is the solution? Maybe it’s as simple as learning to say ‘no.’ The whole problem is people can end up with a false sense of responsibility and think ‘but if I don’t do it, who will?’ No-one is indispensable. If one person does not do the job … Continue reading

The Church is Full of Hypocrites

The church is full of hypocrites. Have you ever heard that comment? Maybe you’ve even said it or thought it yourself? There are times when I feel like a hypocrite. For example the other day I let frustration and anger get the better of me. Afterwards I felt awful about the situation. But sadly, as is so often the case, it wasn’t something I could go back and fix. I was left replaying the situation over and over in my mind. Then on Sunday I was up leading the singing in church. I felt like the biggest hypocrite, even more … Continue reading

Aren’t We All Hypocrites?

Hypocrisy has long been one of the reasons that people have avoided going to church. When I hear a disillusioned person say something like, “I don’t go to church, they’re all full of hypocrites.” I think, “Isn’t that where they should be?” When you get right down to it, we are ALL hypocrites. Who hasn’t said to her child, “Remember to share.” and then made a treat for herself and enjoyed it without ever offering some of it to her spouse or child? Who hasn’t admonished her child, “Don’t push.” and then plowed over another person or even her own … Continue reading

Hard Truths

Too often in society and even in many of today’s churches, we don’t hear all that much about judgment. It’s something people don’t want to think about much less hear about. But the bible is very clear that though God is a God of love and grace, He is also a god of judgment. We cannot ignore that fact. We can try, but it won’t change the facts. Isaiah is a book that has a lot about God’s judgment. Some of it is judgment of other nations. Some concerns judgment of His own people. Isaiah 30 is a passage that … Continue reading

Can You Forgive?

Forgiveness, it’s a word we often hear in church. In fact, we hear about forgiveness every time we say the Lord’s Prayer. But how much notice do we take of it? Or do we skim over that bit? Forgiveness sound good when we’re on the receiving end of it from God or from others but its not always so easy when we’re on the other end. It’s not always easy to do. Our minister gave a great talk last week and the theme was forgiveness. It is something that is sadly needed in our marriages, in our relationships with family … Continue reading

Is the Bible Irrelevant?

Is the Bible irrelevant? Apparently many people, and some of them those who claim to be Christians, think so. That’s the conclusion drawn from statistics produced recently which showed the staggering fact that ‘less than 2 of every 10 Christians in Australia are engaging with God on a daily basis through the Word.’ This is horrifying. How can our churches grow, how can Christians hope to grow in knowledge of God, in obedience in holiness unless they are reading His Word? As I read write this I am convicted that today I have not stopped and taken that prayer and … Continue reading

Learning from Past Mistakes

Have you ever looked at your kids and wondered how they can keep making the same mistakes, after you’ve told them time and time again about it? We can be tempted to think much the same when we look at Scripture and the Israelite people. Recently my readings have been in Numbers. I read how the Israelites refused to listen to Caleb and Joshua and ended up wandering in the wilderness for 40 years instead of entering the Promised Land. They also refused to listen to Moses and Aaron and grumbled against them, Numbers 16 and again in Numbers 20 … Continue reading

Going Forward

Are you going forward in your Christian life? Are you learning to trust God more with each day and with your future? If we’re not going forward, then we are not living the life God wants for us. This stuck me yesterday in more than one reading. The first was in Numbers 13. God told Moses to send spies out to check out the land He had promised to give them. God’s aim, I’m sure, was to encourage them with how good the land was and also to see what was in their hearts and whether they trusted Him. The … Continue reading