The Complicated Fact of Bottle Laws

While some places are in the news for banning water bottles altogether, states her in the USA have been wrestling with a different kind of bottle law, one that doesn’t ban bottles but places a deposit fee on them. Yes, it is the old five or ten or more cents extra that you pay when you purchase a bottle or a can of beverage. When you return that bottle or can, you get your deposit back. I remember years ago as part of a group of kids who would hunt for bottles and turn them in at the local convenience … Continue reading

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

I picked up my beloved PEOPLE magazine yesterday, hoping for some entertaining celebrity news and read an article that shocked me. Call me a naive Green Living blogger, but I have never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If that term is unfamiliar to you, let me clue you in. In central North Pacific Ocean, there is a huge mass of marine litter. And by huge, I mean this thing is twice the size of Texas! This mass of trash, made up of mostly old toys, plastic bottles, bags, etc. washed off beaches, is so large, it has often … Continue reading

Recycling Styrofoam

Back when I was in college, I had a brilliant chemistry professor who worked on many different projects for Dow and other companies. He had quite a few “modern miracles” under his belt. He eventually left the world of invention to teach, and enlighten us students to some of the environmental repercussions of many of the products that he helped invent. One of these products, and probably the biggest regret he had, is styrofoam, or polystyrene as it is actually called (styrofoam is a brand name). My professor told us that they were originally trying to create paper cups that … Continue reading

Green Magazines

Even though I write a green blog, I still like to learn new green practices as well as keep up on current green news. Of course, the Internet provides a great number of resources, but there are also green magazines. Here are a few examples: Mother Jones Mother Jones magazine is known for its investigative reporting that that includes green issues. Editor-in-chief Roger Cohn took over in 1999 and helped move the magazine towards environmental issues. Before joining Mother Jones, Cohn was executive editor at Audubon. Cohn has since left to serve as editor of YaleEnvironmental Online, but Mother Jones … Continue reading