The Pets Blog Week in Review for January 7-13

Last week was the first full week of 2008. Resolutions were set and being tackled full force. Which meant Aimee and I were busy bringing you a bunch of interesting articles. In case you missed any part of last week due to tending your resolutions, here’s what we wrote on: Monday, January 7 Why Does My Pet Play in His Water Bowl? If you have a cat like my Mr. Meow who definitely plays in his water bowl, Aimee provided insight into this mysterious phenomenon. Is Your Cat Stressed? Aimee listed some signs to look for that your cat may … Continue reading

The Dangers of Retractable Leashes

As I wrote about in Deciding to Use a Retractable Leash, I never would have used one with Budly. He would have liked to have more freedom to dash hither and yon, but he was such a wild, bad listening dog I feared nothing but disaster could come of it. But Murph was different. Walking him on a retractable leash was nice. However, we learned retractables come with their own dangers. Leash Burns Our first retractable was the thin string kind. Get a dog racing past you with that line zipping across your bare flesh and you’re going to get … Continue reading