Weight Loss Blog Week in Review August 7 to August 10

This week the weight loss blog tackled more issues that affect dieters. From the controversial Kimkins diet to more Mission Possible to even ways to improve your weight loss success–we covered it here. Grab a glass of water, a healthy low fat snack and sit back and take a look at what reading you need to catch up on! August 7 Smelling Your Way to Weight Loss Have you ever considered using aromatherapy to help you achieve your goals in weight loss? While there is no magical ‘weight loss’ aroma that will suppress your appetite, aromatherapy can help with things … Continue reading

The Problem with Kimkins

If you’ve been reading my weight loss blogs, many of you know that I am generally against diets that exclude complete food groups and I’m against diets that are radical. Kimkins does both. There are several concerns about the Kimkins diet and I’m not an expert. I also feel like I should tell you that I do not have personal experience with Kimkins. I’m writing this article based on research that I’ve done. I am not saying that you would not lose weight with the Kimkins diet. However, there are many diets that you can lose weight on–that doesn’t mean … Continue reading