Bringing Back The Family Dinner

Is dinner usually a rushed affair in your house? Do you find yourself getting take out more than is good for your wallet or your health? If so, it’s time to learn to menu plan. Dinner is such an important meal, it’s usually the only one the whole family is together for so it should be minimal fuss so you can focus on your family. Meal planning may take a little time but it will make it easier to get a meal on the table while working around your family’s schedule and any food allergies. Planning also means less trips … Continue reading

Dinner In a Hurry, Your Way

I want out of the kitchen, the only problem is I love to eat. Also, there’s that whole starving to death thing if you don’t eat. Living in Utah there are so many wonderful things to see and do outdoors, I just need to figure out how to get out there. Making dinner can be the biggest time consumer of my evening. If I forgot to thaw something or I have nothing quick on hand, I just pick up the phone, pizza, sandwiches, or Chinese, all on speed dial. This is bad for both my wallet and my waist. There … Continue reading

Pot Luck Wake Up Call

I’ve been a Mormon my whole life, and therefore, I know what a pot luck is. I love a good pot luck. I do. But, it seems like in this day and age, when we know so much more about health, and food, that we should be having a little bit healthier food at our potlucks. Don’t you think? Every time we have a ward get together it seems we have the same thing…little smokies, small chicken salad sandwiches on white bread, cream cheese roll up surprise, and a fruit plate. Then, let’s not even mention the lots and lots … Continue reading

Fathers & Food

Most of us have some memories of our mothers making and serving delicious foods, some every day, some just on the holidays. I grew up a very hungry person, well able to consume large pizzas in a single sitting. So I have compassion for hungry children. My wife was in an exciting, entertaining, and not a fun car accident, and while she recovers, I get to cook most of the household foods. There are some downsides to that. While I like quality, tasty foods, I get so hungry that don’t care, as long as it is healthy enough, rather than … Continue reading

Have Dinner As A Family

There never seem to be enough hours in the day, especially when you are a single parent and everything is your responsibility. Sometimes it feels like the only time I stop moving is when I crawl in to bed at night. Then the only thing still moving is my mind, going over all the things that need to be done the next day. All too often I find that the time I spend with Hailey I am doing something else so I’m distracted and not giving her my full attention. As single parents it’s important to slow down and give … Continue reading

Family is What You Make It

I wrote an article yesterday called, “What’s For Dinner?” that I shared on Facebook with my friends and family. I got lots of responses from people saying they liked the article, and that always makes me feel great. But, I like the comments where I know someone is really reading, and thinking about what I write. Those really make me feel like every word I type is important. That comment came from my Aunt. She is not LDS, but is very familiar with our religion. She is my Mom’s sister, and growing up, we had the fortune of living particularly … Continue reading