What is YOUR 4 Month Old Up To?

I love every stage in my baby’s life. There are precious moments in each one, but I am particularly loving my sweet little four month old right now. No, he is not sleeping through the night yet, and no, his tummy troubles have not been fixed, but he sure is sweet, and I am loving watching him grow and develop. It seems that for me, when my kids hit 4 months old, I start to really enjoy all the sweetness that comes with being a Mom. My little guy is smiling at me all the time. One lady said, “Oh, … Continue reading

Paperwork Error Results in Lower Death Benefit For Widow

The widow of a police officer in Chicago was expecting to receive $300,000 from the death benefit of her husband’s life insurance policy. This did not happen, due to what is being called a “paperwork error”. She is not the only person who had this happen. Life insurance is very important. It is what helps your family continue to live in the lifestyle that they were accustomed to after you have passed away. The death benefit pays for the deceased person’s funeral costs, and the medical bills that his or her health insurance policy won’t pay for. A life insurance … Continue reading

Promoting Healthy Eating in Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Today the girls and I went out to lunch with my moms’ group. We sat at a table with a bunch of my friends. Baby E sat strapped into the booster seat. I had another device for Jessie. It wasn’t meant to boost but rather keep the child from falling out of the chair. I didn’t install it all that well and Jessie wriggled out of it when she was done sitting. These luncheons with my moms’ group are informative and fun. Not only do we all learn something from the speaker, but I get foster parent education credits. Today’s … Continue reading

Handle Stress in Your Marriage

With high mortgages, job losses and the economic situation putting further stress on people, marriages are being affected. How do we cope with the stresses of life and the changes that occur? Some people have seen their future savings for a home or retirement on their investments in the stock market eaten into. Others are struggling day to day just to keep food on the table and the family clothed. I know what that one is like. We spent many years in that situation where experts told you to save but there simply wasn’t anything to save because we’d chosen … Continue reading

Ask a Baby Blogger: The Gory Details

Question: I wanted to ask you, since you are clearly in favor of breastfeeding, what you think about women who put down other women for not breastfeeding? Also, do you think there’s a limit (please say yes) to how much information should be shared by other moms in a conversation regarding breastfeeding and child birth. I almost answered this question privately, as really it doesn’t have to do with babies as much as motherhood and manners. But then I went back to my own early days as a mother. . .even during my pre-mothering days when I was pregnant. I … Continue reading

You Can’t MAKE a Child Sleep

I think if you were to ask parents about what the big “issues” are in their families, bed time and sleeping habits would likely make each parent’s top ten. From the time a child is tiny; parents fuss and work to make the child get to sleep and stay asleep. BUT, in reality, we cannot really MAKE them sleep… I learned the “You can put a child to bed, but you can’t make him sleep” rule when I had my third child. My son was never a sleeper. After having two daughters who slept through the night and took great … Continue reading

Do You Have a Home Business, or Drop In Childcare Center?

“Hey, can you watch my kids for me?” “You don’t have anything else going on, right?” Have you ever felt like instead of running a home based-business, you run a drop-in childcare center? A few weeks ago, a friend called me to ask if I could watch her children. “Of course, I can”. I replied. (I really didn’t mind a bit…in fact, my kids could use the playmates for a day.) Okay, I take that back, I didn’t mind at first. When we started making arrangements, she said that she needed help for ten hours. I replied, “well, I can … Continue reading

5 Ways to Reconnect in Your Marriage

When we get married, the first years of our relationship may coast as you continue to celebrate your union. With the birth of children, more gems are added to the beautiful jewels of your life. Still, at some point, every couple hits a rocky patch. Maybe they are too busy or maybe they have changed. The simple fact is that conflicts happen, even in the happiest of relationships. Conflicts do not end relationships, healthy conflicts help you air things out in the relationship and healthy arguments are the root of a good debate. Still, if you are concerned about not … Continue reading

Keeping Baby Busy

Since I have a fussier than normal baby, it is also more difficult to keep him happy when he is not in my arms. We have a myriad of contraptions that he is starting to grow into like the bouncy chair, saucer, and swing. We also have a playmat on the floor that has toys that hang over his head. Yesterday, he managed to bounce himself in the bouncer for a good 15 minutes. I was thrilled! It gave me time to fold some laundry. My older kids are big helpers too. I frequently ask them to “go play with … Continue reading

My Unconventional Valentine’s History

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but as you might be able to guess, Jon and I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day. The holiday does mean one thing: candy hearts. The weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are the only time of the year I can find them. Their close companion Necco Wafers just aren’t the same. So I suppose one might say Jon gets me a Valentine’s Day present, because he usually buys me candy hearts. However, even this practice has two exceptions that probably exclude it as a Valentine’s celebration. First: Jon usually brings home … Continue reading