Should Schools Ban Cookies?

Gone are the days of celebrating your kid’s birthday in school with cupcakes and cookies. At least at my daughter’s school. Last month, administrators at my kid’s private school put the kibosh on birthday baked goods and candy. Now, the only treats your birthday boy can share in class on his big day are “fun print” napkins, pencils, Go-gurt, crackers or string cheese. Can you say party pooper? I did, until I learned that the New York City Department of Education has also banned baked goods in school. According to the New York Times, class bake sales are now banned … Continue reading

Why Schools Are Banning Hoodies

It’s not what you think. Schools are not banning the popular hooded sweatshirts because they are sloppy-looking or they promote gang violence. Rather, school administrators in Kansas have put the kibosh on hoodies with large pockets because an inordinate amount of students have been using the sweatshirt’s “kangaroo pocket” to text others during class. According to reports, cell phone and other PDA abuse by students has forced administrators to revamp the school dress code. Students attending Kansas’ Andale Elementary and St. Mark’s Charter School can still wear sweatshirts, but the fleece tops cannot feature hoods or front pockets. The change … Continue reading

Controversial Dress Ban

Prom is not cheap.  Dressing for prom will drain your wallet even more. So, what happens when you find an affordable prom gown that flatters your figure, but you can’t wear it to the big dance because of a new school dress code? That’s the dilemma facing eighth grade girls at Readington Middle School in New Jersey.  The school principal recently decided to ban strapless dresses from the year-end dinner dance, but did so after some parents had already forked over a pretty penny for their daughters’ fancy shoulder-baring frocks. Dozens of moms and dads are now taking to social … Continue reading

Smoking In the Girls Room

If you got caught smoking anywhere at my former high school (including the girls restroom), you would be automatically expelled. Not placed on detention or suspended for a few days; rather, you’d be kicked off campus for good. No questions asked. No second chances. Given my history with no-nonsense school administrators, and their severe opposition to smoking, you can imagine how floored I was to learn that a school located near Cardiff, Wales, is actually considering a move to create an area on campus that kids could go in case they needed a smoke break during school hours. If that … Continue reading