Thinking About Potty Training

One of the joys of toddlerhood is potty training. Oh joy! Most toddlers are potty trained before they’re three. However, some toddlers are ready earlier while others don’t show signs of being ready until much later. So what’s a parent to do? The child may not be able to enter preschool if he or she is not potty trained. That’s a huge incentive for the parents, but not necessarily the child. One of the signs of readiness is when the child doesn’t like wearing a dirty diaper. I’m so lucky. My daughter doesn’t care and fights changing. Strike one! Another … Continue reading

When Mommy Goes Potty, Does Baby Go Too?

I’ve decided that, if any mother claims she has never brought her baby to the bathroom with her when she pees, she’s lying. Obviously it’s not something we go around proclaiming. “My baby sits on my lap while I pee!” or, “When I’m going number 2, my son continues to sleep in the front pack. He doesn’t even seem to notice the smell. ” Still, I’m pretty confident every mother has done it at least once. During the newborn stage, especially if your baby is in some type of carrier or sling, it’s simply easier to keep them bundled in … Continue reading

Adventures in Potty Training: Day 1, Morning

Well, the day has finally arrived. It is time to potty train our youngest child. Here are my experiences and adventures, practically as they happen. I have been waiting for the weather to warm up past the 50 degree mark for a stretch of at least three days before I started potty training. This is because I have found that one of the quickest methods for training involves letting the child run around with a long shirt on and a bare bottom, something that just doesn’t work when it is cold. It so happens that we are in the middle … Continue reading

How to Pick a Potty 2

When you are focused on potty training your child, one of the last concerns you might have is picking out a potty. But not all potty chairs are built the same way or are easy to use. Yesterday I shared some tips on choosing a potty, including safety and stability issues. Now let’s look at some other factors. Having a potty chair that is easy to clean will make a big difference, trust me. With your little one trying to chair out several times a day, the last thing you want to do is to spend all of that time … Continue reading

Tales from the Potty: Potty Mouths

If you are just joining me on my adventure in potty training the twins, don’t worry–you haven’t missed all the action yet! I’ve talked about the method we’re going to use with them, and given some general tips. Today I am going to talk about a phenomenon that no parent can avoid (or at least not that I’m aware) during the potty training phase: the potty mouth. I read somewhere once that potty training is a child’s first introduction to sex education. All the parts are there, some functions are there and your response–either awkward or matter of fact–can shape … Continue reading

Tales from the Potty: The Rules

I am not a childhood expert on potty training. But I have had 5 kids–3 of whom have been potty trained within the last 4 years and 2 of whom we are currently potty training. My oldest three each took about 4-7 days to train. Two things have prompted this series of blogs. First I’ve had several requests from you on how to start potty training. The second is that we are working on potty training our twins who are now 19 months old. I’m not an expert. . .but I have learned a few things. So before I give … Continue reading

Crate Training Tips

Not everybody is for crate training. But crate training doesn’t have to be cruel, or a punishment. Ideally, a dog’s crate is a safe place for them to go when they want to be alone or when you can’t be home for a few hours. A crate is a training tool, not a way of life; hopefully, as your dog learns the rules of the house, he won’t need the crate at all — except as a quiet retreat. Introduce your dog to the crate slowly. Let him explore the crate for a few days before you leave him alone … Continue reading

Potty Training: Is Your Child Ready?

You might be interested to learn that the average age of potty learning is 30 months with normal ranges between 18 – 60 months of age. Boys, on average, train two months later than their female counterparts. Is it surprising, then, to find out that children are physiologically ready to potty train at the age of 18 months old? So what’s the delay? Namely, disposable diapers offer us the convenience of laziness! Fifty years ago when disposable diapers were not an option, parents were highly motivated to get their children out of cloth diapers to lessen their own work loads. … Continue reading

Traveling for the Holidays

Are you planning a road trip this Christmas? Visiting family is important during the holidays, but traveling can be a little intimidating if you are a single parent. Just loading the kids up to go to the grocery store can be a challenge. You may be feeling a little discouraged about the long drive, but here are some tips and tricks we’ve learned from our own road trips to make the journey just a little less stressful. Bring plenty of things to keep the kids entertained. Long car rides are boring, especially for children who seem to have the attention … Continue reading

The Early Years: How Much Do They Really Understand?

The age of your child at the time of your divorce has a profound impact on the way they respond to the changes in their life. Don’t expect them to understand everything that is going on, but be aware, they may know more than you think. Here is a guide to gauge how much your child comprehends the split during the early years and how to ease that transition on them. From birth to 18 months children can feel the tension in the home, but don’t understand the reasoning behind it. They may begin to show some signs of separation … Continue reading