Fun and Festive New Year’s Layouts

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it can also translate into a room full of belly laughs if displayed just right.

If you are looking to create a unique New Year’s layout for your holiday scrapbook, focus on the funny. For example, if your family members and friends tend to get a bit wild and wacky ringing in the New Year, be sure you capture the craziness with your camera. Then, continue snapping shots the morning after. By recording the recovery process in a series of photos, you will have ample material to craft an amusing scrapbook layout.

Take aim at your children crashed out on their beds after being allowed to stay up until midnight. Or, before you begin the agonizing task of cleaning up the mess made on New Year’s Eve, snap photos of the shredded streamers, deflated balloons, crushed party hats, leftover poppers and flat champagne. Another funny image to capture is the moment when your favorite party animals emerge from their bedrooms looking a little worse for wear.

To maximize the impact of your hilarious New Year’s Eve photos, choose a colorful background, and arrange the pictures in a way that they appear to be scattered on the page. Remember to leave space for journaling about the festivities and the aftermath. Finally, fill in empty spaces with balloon stickers, stamps that spell out “Happy New Year,” and flocked die cuts in the shape sparklers or champagne flutes.

If you prefer to create a traditionally festive layout rather than a funny one, then be sure to record those New Year’s resolutions. Start by making a list of resolutions on scraps of paper. Then, choose three or four, and arrange them in order of importance. Next, find photos that illustrate the goals you’re looking to accomplish in the New Year, such as exercising, spending more time with your kids, or planting a rose garden. At the top of the page, write out a title that reads: “This year, I will ___.” Fill-in the blank leaving space for photos, journal entries and related embellishments.

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