Fun With Rubber Bands

Rubber bands are good for a lot more than just shooting at your brother. Here are some craft ideas that are almost “instant”. They don’t even need glue or anything messy!

All you need is some colorful rubber bands and something to put them on. Here I started with a candle, a plastic container, and a gift box. You can also use the rubber band idea on vases, pencil cups, and flower pots. To decorate them all, stretch rubber bands around them. It’s that easy. Kids like to do this so much that you may have to hide the rubber bands. For the bow on the box I just tied two rubber bands together. You can even put things under the bands. Consider movie tickets, business cards, a tiny silk flower, or double the use of a pencil cup by putting paper clips onto the rubber bands.

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I like the rubber bands crisscrossed and random looking. If you like straight and even stripes then you will need to spend a little more time to arranging them.

To make a rubber band ball, start with a small wad of aluminum foil. Wrap a rubber band around the ball, twisting the band in the middle, and doubling it over. Keep adding bands until the ball is size you want. These balls actually bounce and they look very cute on a desk.

Rubber bands also work great as book marks. Stretch the band around the section of the book you have read, being careful not to bend the pages. We use rubber bands for my elementary school children’s planners. The school provides the planners. The kids are supposed to write assignments and reminders each day and bring it home for parents to sign. My children lost the bookmarks that came with the planner in a week. I tried sticky notes and big paper clips, but they lost those too. The rubber bands work!

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