Runaway Bride Groom Marries

Most of us have much knowledge of the story of a run away bride. However most of our knowledge comes from the movie, which starred Julia Roberts.

In 2005, the story came to life for one man. Although the tale had a little different twist, the lady became known across America as the run away bride.

Just days before she was to get married, Jennifer Wilburn mysteriously came up missing. She seemed to have vanished without a trace. Her finance, John Mason was distraught.

Everyone was thrilled when she turned up days later. Her story was that she had been kidnapped and assaulted.

When put under pressure, she finally admitted that the entire story was fake and that she had run away by free will. She was stressed and left due to personal troubles.

Because of her phony claim she was given two years probation and sentenced to serve community service.

Initially the couple filed lawsuits against one another. The suits were dropped later. Of course the engagement was ended.

On Saturday, March 15, the once finance of the run away bride was given a second chance at love. John Mason was married to Shelley Martin in a small peaceful ceremony.

After receiving much of the public’s eye over the past three years, Mason’s family is thankful that he has moved on and found new love.

I am sure that the entire ordeal was very upsetting and likely embarrassing for John Mason. Going through something like that is bad enough without a spotlight placed on you.
This story goes to show that people can overcome much of life’s trials. Time can change many things and heal many sorrows. Mason was probably very fortunate not to have married Wilburn. For if he had he would not have come across the true love that he has now .

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