Coping with an adult with Asperger’s (1)

As we discussed in What is Asperger’s Disorder and Adults with Asperger’s Disorder, this condition is a lifelong developmental disorder and mainly manifests in the inability to successfully relate emotionally to others during everyday interactions. There exists a lack of awareness in interpreting social cues; a skill that most of us take for granted. Given that inability, it can be extremely difficult for the family and friends of an Asperger to cope with many of the behavior patterns typically exhibited. As Asperger’s Disorder is a relatively recently classified disorder, (see Adults with Asperger’s Disorder), an adult’s diagnosis with the disorder … Continue reading

Where’s “IT” at? Keeping your Child’s Anxiety Out of the Bag and on the Chain.

If you’ve ever had to enter into hand-to-hand combat with the witch under the bed or the bearded baddie at the window, then you already know that children’s anxiety can be disturbingly real to them. Just like adults, children can also suffer from free-floating and generalized anxiety or panic attacks. One in nine children are affected to the extent that it constipates their daily functioning and our nightly sleep. The witch or monster doesn’t just appear every now and then as part of normal chronological or problem solving development, they rarely leave and they will taunt the child at any … Continue reading

“Why I Homeschool My Son with Asperger’s Syndrome.” One Mother’s Story

The following is an interview I had with Lorri, a mother of three from Texas. (I’m not using her last name for privacy reasons.) Her son Steven (pictured), age 9, has Asperger’s Syndrome. See my blog entry, “Asperger’s Disorder: Basic Diagnostic Criteria” for more information about this condition. 1. How did you first find out your son has Asperger’s? What were his early symptoms? “Language frustrated him, and I noticed OCD-type behaviors, like needing to travel the same route home, eat from the same bowl, and line up toys. There were sensory issues where his clothing had to be cotton … Continue reading

What is Autism?

Cameron is an angelic four-year-old with tumbling black curls and gorgeous blue eyes. Because of his striking looks he attracts more than his fair share of attention from passers-by, but the majority of them come away from an encounter with Cameron with a sense of frustration. He refuses to make eye-contact, shies away from conversation, and seldom responds even to the requests of his mother. His language skills are below par and he appears to lack the usual broad emotional range characteristic of his age. He avoids first-person pronouns in his speech: if asked does he want a cookie, Cameron … Continue reading