Pets and Cold Weather

Cold weather is upon us… for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. On those bitter cold days, your pets may dart outside long enough for a quick potty break and run back inside. Other pets may love the colder weather and refuse to come inside! My parents’ dog Becca is the latter type of dog — she’ll happily sit on the middle of the pool cover once the water below has frozen. But she has a thick, double coat to protect her from the worst of the winter chill. Don’t force your pets outside when the weather is too … Continue reading

In The Doghouse

If your pup will be spending lots of time outdoors, a doghouse is a good idea! A doghouse gives your dog a chance to get out of the sun or rain and have a quiet, safe resting place. Whether you are building or buying, look for these essential features in a doghouse: Make it waterproof! The primary function of a doghouse is to keep your pup dry. It is his shelter on a rainy day. Wood or plastic are good choices; a metal doghouse can be very cold in the winter! Keep the air flowing. Humidity that gets trapped inside … Continue reading