The Power of Giving Limited Choices

Preschoolers are at the age where they have the skills, and motivation, to explore the world around them. Your preschooler has developed his or her own preferences and isn’t afraid to let you know about what they are. You can avoid some “meltdowns” and help your child develop independence at the same time with a simple tool. Give your preschooler limited choices. One of the reasons why preschoolers throw tantrums is because they are frustrated by how little control they have over what happens to them. They don’t get to choose if they want to go to preschool, or what … Continue reading

Defusing Food Power Struggles With Your Preschooler

Preschoolers are all about defining themselves in relation to the rest of the world, especially their parents. This can show up as a power struggle, and it’s a sign that your preschooler is becoming his own person. But when the power struggles come to the dinner table, parents can struggle with balancing their child’s need to define his food preferences and the need to have that child eat a healthy diet. A diet of chocolate and chips might sound desirable to a preschooler, but it doesn’t cut it nutritionally, of course! How can you opt out of the food power … Continue reading