Why Your Pre-Teen Quit Playing Sports

One way to encourage your child to get a healthy amount of exercise is to make it fun. Sports offer kids the ability to exercise while having fun, the chance to learn how to play as a team, and a good way to develop athletic skills. Despite these benefits, 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13. Here are some reasons why that happens. It stopped being fun. Have you ever watched kindergartners play soccer against another team of kindergarteners? What happens is both adorable and amusing. They sit down when they get tired, and start playing with … Continue reading

Sports Are Just A Game

There is no doubt that sports can have a positive impact upon kids. Belonging to a team gives kids an instant identity and group to belong with. They also learn skills like setting goals, dealing with adversity, and sportsmanship. Playing sports can also have a positive impact upon a child’s self-esteem. David Burnett, author of “It’s Just A Game!” says sports gives children some control. When playing sports kids “learn the rules of the game — and the more they learn, the more they are in control — and they’re going to learn about sportsmanship and [how] to control their … Continue reading

10 Benefits of Playing Sports

Playing sports offers children more than just physical benefits. Sports typically help kids academically and socially as well. The benefits are the same whether or not your child actually excels at the sport. Although if they are really good they will probably want to continue playing when they are older. If your child isn’t good enough to play competitively on a school team try signing them up for a city league or encourage them to just go shoot some hoops with their friends or church group. Read on for ten ways playing sports and can benefit your child. 10 Ways … Continue reading

7 Ways to Manage Kids’ Sport Fees and Costs

There are so many reasons to give your kids the opportunity to be involved in sports, and one big one not to do so–the costly fees. Before you decide to give up the sports altogether, consider trying the following strategies that will help you manage kids sports fees and reduce the amount you spend. 1. Get some perspective Parents can get a little crazy when it comes to sports. They all want their kids to succeed and will provide them with all of the extras that they think will make this happen, such as extra training or lessons, top of … Continue reading

Game On!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are officially underway in London, England. After a night of pomp, circumstance, and psychedelic performances during the Opening Ceremony, the world’s top athletes are getting down to business. The Olympic Games are the ideal vehicle to teach kids about good sportsmanship, dedication and a host of other principles that will serve them well in life beyond the playing field. For example, as you and your kids tune in tonight to watch swimming superstar Michael Phelps face off against rival Ryan Lochte in the 400 individual medley, use the opportunity to discuss the power of dedication, … Continue reading

Finding Some Support

The other day I received a call from a friend. We had worked on a project together towards the end of 2009 and were finally able to see the fruits of our labor. That day, in his mailbox, he received the in-print version of an article we had worked together on long ago. We had thought that the work we would put into the project would be minimal. As with most things it was much more time consuming than we originally thought it would be. None of that took away from the joy of finally having a finished product. In … Continue reading

So You Want to Burn Fat?

For the past few days I’ve been detailing exercises that burn serious calories. After all, if you are going to drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to workout you might as well get the most from your efforts. The vast majority of us exercise to lose weight, which is done by burning calories, but what about the unwanted fat we want to shed? To answer that question we must differentiate between “aerobic” activity and “anaerobic” activity. “Aerobic” means “with oxygen.” When you are partaking in low-intensity exercises your breathing rate and oxygen use can keep up … Continue reading

Drew Hits the Track and the President of the United States Hooks Up with Howie

What is it with “Dancing with the Stars” winners and the need for speed? Last season’s winner Helio Castroneves was an Indy-race car driver long before he took a turn on the dance floor, but now it appears DWTS champ (from season two) Drew Lachey wants to burn rubber too. Lachey recently ditched his dancing shoes for four wheels that move faster than pro partner Cheryl Burke’s hips. The former member boy bander qualified Friday for the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race, a 10-lap charity race that is part of 34th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach and just yesterday he … Continue reading

Dancing at Public School Not Just About Prom Anymore

Michele should enjoy the following, since she’s from Hawaii. We’ve talked about Dance Dance Revolution here in the Fitness blog before. We’ve talked about the problems with not having enough physical education time in the schools. Today, I get to talk about both these subjects as Dance, Dance Revolution is about to become a part of public school physical education classes in Hawaii. Taking the Initiative The initiative is a part of the Hawaiian Department of Education’s emphasis on lifetime physical fitness over the more typical team sports. A verbal agreement was reached with Konami, the maker of Dance, Dance … Continue reading

Scoring More Points for Kid Fitness

I love seeing the AP Press reports on days when articles like this hit my in box. Today, ten major food and drink makers including Campbell Soup, McDonald’s and Cocoa-Cola will be doing more to promote healthy foods and exercise in their child-oriented advertising campaigns. These companies actually account for more than two-thirds of all child-targeted drink and food commercials on television. They are going to reduce the use of recognizable characters (think Little Mermaid, Shrek and others) in their unhealthy food campaigns. They will not advertise in schools. They will make sure that their online games (for advertising purposes) … Continue reading