Easy Ways to Organize the Bathroom

Are you tired of a messy bathroom? Rummaging through tumbles of things under the sink and dodging items that are falling out of the medicine cabinet is not the way to start or end your day. Just a few minutes of attention will have your bathroom organized in no time. First set aside a little bit of time to devote to your organizing. A minimum of 15 minutes is good, although you might want to dedicate at least 30 minutes to the project, so you won’t feel rushed or wind up with the organizing half done. Take all of your … Continue reading

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Okay, here is another one for the Hall of Frugal Fame. Can you imagine walking down the aisle at your dream wedding with a dress made out of toilet paper? You got to believe that this would be a dress that was very frugal. In fact, you might even be able to reuse it after the wedding for even more savings. (I heard of one family who reused the toilet paper that they found draped over their trees after Halloween.) Instead of one wedding dress made out of toilet paper, why not consider a choice of six different designs. New … Continue reading

6 Ways to Reduce Our Use of Paper Products

Paper products, such as paper towels, paper plates, paper napkins, baby wipes and even printer paper are certainly convenient in today’s world. But, let’s face it, these products aren’t very frugal. We have come to believe that many of these products are a necessary part of our household, but are they really? Reduce the use of your paper products, and you’ll reduce the amount of money that you spend. Here are 10 ways that we can reduce our use of paper products. 1. Purchase inexpensive dish towels or cut up old towels and use those in place of paper towels. … Continue reading

Low-Flow Toilets

Low-Flow Toilets have had a bad reputation, but today’s models are a new generation of technology, featuring high efficiency and even lower water usage. In fact, new toilets can use less than a gallon of water. Compare that with the pre-1992 models that used from three to five gallons of water per flush. Why did I choose 1992? That is because the 1992 Energy Policy Act banned the sale of 1.6 gallon toilets (that used 3-5 gallons per flush). Homeowners in general weren’t too happy with the act because early low-flow toilets were not always effective, requiring more than one … Continue reading

Frugal Uses for Tissue Paper

Did you have a good Valentines Day? I hope you enjoyed it. Now, after all of the flowers, candy and jewelry has been given and received, you may find yourself with a flurry of leftover tissue paper. Don’t throw it out! Here are some great frugal uses for that tissue paper. Make them into tissue paper flowers. This is probably one of the easiest and nicest uses for leftover Valentine tissue paper. All of the pinks, whites and reds that are leftover will make beautiful tissue paper flowers. Tear the tissue paper into little squares and use them to decorate … Continue reading

Saving Money on Paper Products

Paper products are expensive, face it. And we need them. Things like facial tissue, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels are a must have in many homes. At least the toilet paper is. I won’t tell you to skimp on the toilet paper, because, well, we need it! However, let’s talk about ways you can save on the rest. Napkins The easiest way to save is simply not to use them. Use fabric napkins instead. They last longer, are easily thrown in the wash and are actually more sanitary. If you are not using fabric napkins, then at least watch … Continue reading

Are You Willing to “Spare a Square” to Save a Buck?

There’s been a big buzz on the news and internet about rock-singer Sheryl Crow’s recent blog posts about conservationism and global warming. In one post she wrote, “I propose a limitation be put on how many squares of toilet paper can be used in any one sitting.” She also suggested that she’s invented a line of clothing which includes a removable “dining sleeve” that would replace the need for paper napkins. While some reporters are suggesting that Crow was being a bit “over the top” on purpose to draw attention to the issue, I personally don’t think her ideas were … Continue reading

Why Being Organized Saves Money

You have heard it said before, and I am sure it will be said for eternity, or as long as people are interested in saving money. Being organized helps to save money. While there are certainly dozens of reasons and ways that being organized can save you money, I’d like to share a personal story about exactly why I need to be organized in order to save money. Spring cleaning always starts in February for me. Simply because by February, I am so sick of cold weather and so tired of looking at my four walls that it’s time to … Continue reading

Save on Paper: The Three Best Ways

Even in this electronic age, we all seem to use too much paper. Conserving paper means finding other ways to do things that don’t involve paper, stretching out the use of paper by using it more than once and finding new uses for paper that might otherwise be thrown out. Here are the three best ways that you can reduce your paper waste to save money and the environment. Unless you have a legitimate reason not to do so, always print on both sides of the paper or make two-sided copies. This effectively doubles the amount of paper you have … Continue reading

Ten Ways Being Organized Can Save Money

My sister-in-law is a born organizer. She seems to know instinctively how to run a household that is neat and tidy. I never heard of her losing her keys or misplacing a bill. It is just not part of her nature. Me, on the other hand…well let’s just say I have to work on the organized part. People are surprised when I tell them that I am not an organized person. I rarely miss my work deadlines and can tell any member of my family where any particular thing is in the house, be it a salami or a sock. … Continue reading