Frugal Does Not Mean Longsuffering

I think many people avoid being frugal because they equate it with painful longsuffering and misery. The truth is, however, that that doesn’t have to be the case. Frugal: practicing economy; living without waste; thrifty Long-suffering: Patiently enduring wrongs or difficulties. (from The Free Dictionary) While it is possible to be miserable while being frugal, it is certainly not a requirement. I actually find frugality enjoyable. Maybe it’s about attitude. Personally, I get more upset paying full price for items, or when I see something that has been purchased is not being used. Frugality is definitely a lifestyle. If you … Continue reading

Sidewalk Chalk Games

Break out the sidewalk chalk and think big! With a yard stick, or a board to use for a straight edge, your kids can use the chalk to draw a giant checkerboard or chess game on the driveway or patio. As a plus, it takes a while to color in all those squares! And it’s a good lesson in measuring and parallel lines. For checkers you can use different colors of paper plates. For chess pieces, you could draw pictures on the plates, or even use stuffed animals. I’m thinking the kids could even be markers themselves and play a … Continue reading

Wet Sidewalk Chalk

You and your kids may think sidewalk chalk is old news, but here are some fun ways to make it feel like a new toy. Wet chalk draws with much more vibrant colors. Simply soak the chalk in a tub of water, or even a puddle, for a half hour or so. The change in color alone will occupy kids for a good chunk of time. If you are using wet chalk, the chalk will get used up quicker. The wet chalk lays down more chalk, hence the more vibrant colors, but it does mean the kids will go through … Continue reading

Frugal Living Week In Review – June 4th to June 10th, 2007

Frugal Living has become an obsession lately. I seem to be telling everyone, anywhere I go, methods for saving money. I guess that’s how you know it has become a part of my lifestyle. The frugal living blog is filled with a never ending supply of terrific ideas, tips, resources and advice for living a more frugal lifestyle. If you haven’t checked it out lately, be sure and visit the Frugal Blog! This week saw everything from money saving kids crafts, to wedding ideas, with plenty of other great frugal articles thrown in for good measure. Monday June 4th Try … Continue reading

Frugal and Fun Chalk Activities

With the hot days of summer upon us, no more school books and backpacks, our children are spending more and more time outdoors. Since chalk seems to be a summer staple, at least it is around our house, I figured I’d provide you with some creative ideas to keep your children entertained with chalk. There are so many things you can do with chalk, besides just drawing pictures. Games and Sports Use chalk to play games. Draw game boards on the driveway for checkers, or hangman. Checker pieces can be made from light and dark rocks, or for a messier … Continue reading