The Surprisingly Strict Disney Dress Code

Is Pluto properly groomed? Just about everyone has a dress code at work. Some are more lax than others, but few work places don’t have any requirements for dress or grooming. One of the few establishments I’d think of that wouldn’t have much in the way of a dress code would be an amusement park. I picture teenagers in t-shirts, baseball caps, and torn jeans when I think of amusement park employees. But the Disney Parks, as they are for many things, are an exception. The Disney Parks follow a dress code that originated in the 1950s. Its rules are … Continue reading

Women’s History at Disney

In recent years more credit and accolades have gone to those behind the birth of animation, through the many acknowledgments (including a 2005 documentary) to Disney’s famous “Nine Old Men,” the main animators responsible for Disney’s golden age. But these Nine Old Men were backed by more than their mostly-male animation department. For the glory years of Disney’s early animation, from the first cartoon shorts to the feature films leading up to World War II, the department in charge of all the inking and painting of the drawings was staffed almost exclusively by women. In honor of Women’s History Month, … Continue reading

Inside the Disney Limbo

After previewing “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” last week, I began wondering about the status of many other upcoming Disney films. While researching the movies Disney’s got on its production line, I discovered many promising titles (and some not so promising) that are currently in a state of limbo. A number of interesting projects are in various stages of halted production over at Disney right now. For today’s blog I thought I’d highlight some of these projects. “Enchanted 2” – All right, I’m cheating some here. The House of Mouse just announced that they plan to make a … Continue reading

Upcoming Walt Disney World Hiring Events

Have you always dreamed of working at Walt Disney World in Florida? Are you spending your hard earned money to buy Disney Day Passes instead of saving for your kids’ college fund? Thinking about retiring in Florida and finding a job that will make your children and grandchildren come to you every year? Well, this may just be your lucky day! Walt Disney World has regular hiring events (job fairs) all over Florida (and even on college campuses but we’ll talk about those in another blog). Following is a list of upcoming Walt Disney World Job Fairs in Florida where … Continue reading

Walt Disney World Agrees To 3-Year Contract With Union

It looks like a third of Walt Disney World’s workers will keep working as their Union has approved a new three-year contract. The agreement was reached in mid-June and includes an agreement to cooperate on scheduling plans, increases in pay (4 to 5% annually) and an enhanced pension plan. A previous plan, submitted in May, was rejected by the Union because of concerns with health care and raises. Service Trades Council The Service Trades Council represents about 21,000 employees of Walt Disney World. Members of the union include food service, lifeguards, vacation planners, merchandise personnel, janitors and stage technicians. According … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review: April 29 – May 3

Can it seriously be the weekend? Apparently it is – because here we are going over the week before with a fine toothcomb. Is it me or are the weeks going by faster? For my daughter, there’s just 2 week and 4 days left until school lets out for the summer and she’s already planning what she’d like to do on her summer vacation (and if you think Disney is on the top of that list, you’d be right). In the meanwhile, let’s talk about what we covered this week in the Disney Blog: Sunday, April 29 We talked about … Continue reading

The Disney Blog Week in Review for April 23 – 26

I love Disney. I think I’ve said that plenty of times here, but each time I sit down to write or read something in the Disney blog, I am instantly reminded of all the great and fun memories I have of Disney products, movies, amusement parks and more. What I love most about Disney, however, is not their merchandising, their rides or even their movies – it’s their ability to inspire the imagination and to transport us to other worlds and other times. So what did we talk about this week in Disney? Monday, April 23 Planning a vacation to … Continue reading

Disney “Dream” Jobs

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that the Career Builder contest that thousands of people entered their videos into presenting themselves in their personal dream roles as Disney Cast Members. The dream jobs these contest entries were competing for included Jungle Cruise skippers, pirates, Haunted Mansion Butlers and Maids; Princesses-in-Waiting and Disney Parks Parade Performers. What Are These Dream Jobs? Do you have a dream job at Disney? I always wanted to be one of the dancers that performed during the stage shoes, myself. But let’s talk a little bit about what each of these dream jobs actually involves … Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream Job For Me!

When I first heard about this contest on Career Builder, I wasn’t sure that I took it seriously and to the hundreds of entrants who submitted their videos and the almost 1 million votes cast by visitors to contest hosted by Career Builder for the Dream “Job” at Disney – please accept my apologies. From this large pool of entrants, there are 25 finalists on their way to the Disneyland Resort in June. A Haunted Mansion Butler/Maid contestant’s video received almost 50,000 votes and a Princess-in-Waiting video received over 70,000 votes. 70,000 votes. Can you imagine? These contestants were entering … Continue reading

Ever Dreamed of Working at Disney? Here’s your Chance!

Following the blog entry last week on competitions with a Disney related prize, this contest has been brought to my attention by a fellow blogger. If you’ve got the money, visiting the Disney parks isn’t a problem. It’s a dream within the grasp of most of us. But how many people get the opportunity to become an honorary cast member at Disneyland? is offering a choice of 5 dream jobs to the person they select as the winner of their video competition. The prize also includes a mini-break vacation for your family! The drawback is that you need … Continue reading