Can You Choose How Expensive It Will Be to Raise Your Child?

One ongoing discussion that my husband and I are having is about how expensive it is to raise children. I keep telling him that another child would not cost significantly more than what we are paying for right now. I think our major difference is looking at the different ends of the spectrum. I am mostly focusing on the present and he is focusing on the future. We also came from different backgrounds. He came from a smaller family. He was fortunate enough to have a car in high school. His parents helped to pay for his school. They weren’t … Continue reading

Four ideas to save on the cost of child raising.

Raising our daughter K hasn’t been toooo expensive – yet. The diapers and pull ups have been the biggest financial commitment so far, and they are almost done. As she gets older though, I can already tell she’s going to be the kind of gal that wants ballet lessons, horseback riding lessons, after school activities, nice clothes. Since birth I’ve been shopping the thrift stores for the best in clothes, and for a young girl I’ve done pretty well. I found that the trick is to really take your time and not buy something just because it is cute – … Continue reading