Doing Genealogy on a Mac

I have spoken to many people who are reluctant to switch to using a Mac because they are concerned about finding software that is compatible with a Mac. In particular the PAF software used by has not been updated since 1996. You can choose several options that will allow you to complete your genealogy on a Mac. One option is to run Bootcamp or another software program that allows you to simulate Windows on the Mac. This will allow you to run PAF or any other software that is available only for Windows computers. To do this you must … Continue reading

Should I Hire a Genealogist or Translator When Dealing With a Language Barrier?

When you are completing your genealogy you may come to a point where you are struggling with a language barrier. If you have completed back to where your family immigrated to the United States you will need to begin doing research in a foreign language. This can be difficult to complete. You have a few choices you could hire a translator, hire a genealogist, or attempt to complete the work on your own. A translator can translate the documents into English for you. This may not be the best approach if you are searching census or Parrish records from another … Continue reading

Top 3 Genealogy Attractions in the United States

Once you are interested in genealogy you may want to include it in your travel plans. You may choose some of your vacation time to attend a genealogy conference or to travel to a specific area to complete your research. However there are three main travel destinations in the United States when it comes to genealogy research. Ellis Island is one popular destination when it comes to genealogy. Even if you do not have ancestors that came to the United States during the period of time that Ellis Island was in operation, it is an interesting place to visit. There … Continue reading

A Change in Ward Boundaries

There are times when your ward will split. This is a matter of growth in area. There are many reasons that they split or change the boundaries in the ward. While I was growing up it happened twice, and I was in three different wards without moving. As an adult I have watched the wards around me change boundaries as membership grew. It can be difficult to deal with a ward boundary change. Sometimes they simply move a few families over to create a more balanced ward. When you are one of ten or twelve new families in an established … Continue reading

Publishing Your Family History

Publishing your family history is a great way to share it with others. You have several options when it comes to publishing. This is the type of project where the self-publishing venues can be a real service. It depends on the type of book and binding that you choose. Depending on the size of your book you may choose to go to a copy shop and have the books printed and spiral bound. This works best for smaller books. Generally people opt to have the copies be in all black and white, though you may choose color pictures for a … Continue reading

Medical Family History

If you are completing your recent family history or genealogy it may be a good idea to track the health histories of the family. This is personal information, and not the type of stuff that you would want to post on the Internet, however it is important information and can help future generations. This type of record can be obtained by interviewing the oldest members of your family. You can ask them about the health of the people in the family and conditions that they struggled with. You can record instances of Alzheimer’s, dementia, heart disease and cancer. This can … Continue reading

What If My Genealogy Has Been Done?

I come from a family that has genealogists on both sides. They have gone back several generations. There is only one branch one my mom’s side of the family that has only gone back four generations. Other than that the majority of the research has already been completed. If you find yourself in a similar situation there are several things you can do. First you can double check the work that has already been completed. With the ease of researching online it should not be too difficult to double-check the names and dates. In my case most of the genealogy … Continue reading

Make Time for Genealogy

Many people who are interested in genealogy have a difficult time finding the time to complete their genealogy work. When you first begin doing the research a lot of it can be done at home on the computer around your schedule, but as you run into roadblocks you may need to find time to visit libraries or graveyards to get your information. In fact you may decide that you need to travel extensively to get your genealogy done. At the beginning setting aside a set amount of time each week should be enough to help you get the work done. … Continue reading

Starting Your Own Genealogy Business

If you are thinking of taking your genealogy hobby to the next level and become a professional genealogist you need to look at the entire picture. It is important that you have several years of experience doing research, and helping others with research. Many genealogist enthusiasts have this already through volunteering at the local genealogical society. It does help business to have credentials as you open your business. While it is not required many people are more comfortable hiring a genealogist that is board certified or who has a degree in genealogy. It is not difficult to do both of … Continue reading

Journal Writing

A journal is a great resource for genealogy. It is also a great resource for putting together your family history. As you read journals you learn about daily life, big events as well as small ones. It is a chance to really see inside someone’s mind. As you read other people’s journals you may learn things that you want to add to your own journal writing or it may inspire you to begin writing your journal. As you write in your own journal you should be aware that it may be read by others at some point. This does not … Continue reading