Green Burial – Eternal Reefs

As I said before, I never know where blog ideas are going to come from. I wrote a series on green burials after listening to a “Coast to Coast” episode. After I posted my first green burial blog, I received a comment from George Frankel of Eternal Reefs. Well, I had thought I was finished with the green burial series until I saw this comment. I had never heard of Eternal Reefs, so I had to check out their web page. Eternal Reefs offers families a cremation memorial that is eco-friendly. Unlike most traditional cremations, Eternal Reefs encourage the family … Continue reading

National Resources Defense Council Releases Most Polluted U.S. Beaches List – Part 1

You think only the Gulf Coast beaches are bad due to oil pollution? Maybe so, but no southern beach cracked the Top 10 most polluted U.S. beaches according to the National Resources Defense Council. About 3,000 beaches, bays, and lakes were looked at in the Testing the Waters 2010 report, which was released yesterday. In 2009, there were 18,682 beach closings and advisories for various reasons including human and animal waste and storm runoff. While there was a special supplement for closing and advisories for beaches affected by the BP oil spill, some of the most polluted beaches may surprise … Continue reading

Green Beach Ideas

Here where I live in North Carolina, we are within reasonable driving distance of at least six beaches. But, some that I have gone to are not well taken care of by those visiting. I look around and see candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and water bottles everywhere. While you want to have fun at the beach, you can do it is a green way. What is some small things you can do to keep your beach looking beautiful? The most important thing is to keep the plastic at home. The Ocean Conservancy organized an international coastal cleanup and guess what … Continue reading

Limited Mess Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids

Whereas I was tempted to title this blog “No Mess Pumpkin Decorating Ideas,” I know better than to do so given that glitter is involved in some of the following projects. Trust me; as a mom of a craft-loving preschooler I know what happens when a few containers of glitter are placed on an art table. Still, I’ll take a beach full of sandy glitter over a sink full of slimy pumpkin guts any day. With that said, here are a few more ways you can make your pumpkin stand out from the other gourds this Halloween: Glitter Pumpkins While … Continue reading

Last Minute Travel Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Forget about the sirloin steak dinner and singing greeting card. Ditch your desire to shower her with coffee mugs and candy. According to a recent online poll, what most moms want this Mother’s Day is a relaxing trip to a far off destination (supposedly far, far away from that sink full of dirty dishes and the piles of soiled laundry overflowing from the bathroom hamper). Personally, I would settle for a day off from kitchen duties. So the verdict is in: moms the world over are looking for adventure on the high seas, excitement in the air, and fun in … Continue reading

Caps of Love

There is so much bad news in the world today that sometimes it amazes me when I hear about someone doing something good for others. Such is the case of Caps of Love. I just read an article about Caps of Love yesterday. It is actually the US division of something called “Bouchons d’Amour.” I don’t speech French, but I imagine that translates into…Caps of Love. Because what the charity is about is collecting plastic caps and sending them to be recycled. The money earned goes to either Federation Handisport, which uses the money to buy wheelchairs or Federation HandiChien, … Continue reading

Say “Ole!” to Scrapping

My brother and his family are planning a trip to Mexico next month. Right now my brother is busy organizing air travel, passports and hotel accommodations, while my sister-in-law is working on a vacation scrapbook. Well, I’m sure she’s doing more than just planning her Mexican-themed layouts, but for the purpose of this post, we’ll just stick to what’s relevant. So, I get an email the other day with an attached photo that showcases a rainbow of new scrapbook paper, plus some wild looking hunter green jungle print cardstock. “Guess who’s pre-designing scrapbook pages?” read the subject line. Hence the … Continue reading

How to Spice Up Your Holiday Party

Tired of the same ol’, same ol’ Christmas parties that feature tone-deaf Uncle Jack singing karaoke in the corner and Aunt Lucy forcing you to try her latest tofu creation? Then, consider hosting your own holiday fiesta this season with a spicy theme. If you don’t want to go whole hog by hosting an extravagant costume night (think elves, reindeer and Christmas movie characters), then go simple by decorating in a single color and having guests dress in red and green. Other theme options include: Hawaiian Christmas I was born and raised in Hawaii, and while we don’t typically greet … Continue reading

Creating Themed Scrapbooks

Themed scrapbooks are a fun idea. It helps to take away the scrapbookers block that so many of us get. The idea behind a themed scrapbook is that you start off by picking any theme. Think of your favorite trip you took as a family. You could create a Disney scrapbook. Think of your favorite sport to play. You could create a football scrapbook. Think of your favorite hobby. You could create a recipe scrapbook. Whoever the scrapbook is for, pick a theme that suits that person. If this is a family scrapbook, what theme encompasses what your family is … Continue reading

Great Preschool Books about Summer

Summer is still officially a few days away, but a recent day or two or warm weather here has me thinking about summer story times. I’m stretching, I know: June where I live is wet and wild and not necessarily all that summery. However, it’s time to think about great books to read on vacation with your preschooler. How about those long, long rides on boats and trains and planes? Yes, I thought that you might be looking for a few ideas. We enjoy beach-themed books. For the younger preschooler, I recommend books like Down By the Bay, a bookish … Continue reading