Day to Day Help

Over the years the psalms have brought encouragement and help to many people, myself included. One reason is they are so honest and full of emotion and practical tips for our Christian lives. Today I’m going to look at Psalm 48, which is not one of David’s psalms but a psalm of the sons of Korah. It starts by praising God for the city of Jerusalem that God has been pleased to call his own. Have you ever stopped to praise God for the city or place where you live and to pray for the people of that place? The … Continue reading

Help For a Flagging Quiet Time

Does your quiet time need revival? Maybe it needs a complete overhaul? Maybe it needs resuscitation. Here are some ideas to help you revitalize your quiet time or as I call it communion time, since it is the time when I commune with God and He communes with me. Focus first, on putting yourself in God’s presence by remembering who He is. Maybe focus each day on a certain attribute of God. E.g. love, justice, mercy, faithfulness, or power and praise Him for this. Or you might focus on the names of God and exactly what they mean to you … Continue reading

Good Reason to Take Notice

When God gives commands there is a good reason for them. Yet how easily people ignore God and what He has said and instructed. God through Moses gave Israel statutes and commands before they entered the Promised Land. He gave them these instructions, so they would know how to live in the land. He gives us commands and instructions, so we know how to live. We find them in the Bible. Deuteronomy 4:2 is very clear about not adding to or taking away from what God has said. This is as important for us today as it was for the … Continue reading

The Creator and the Created

This week I’m going to tell you about a book I’ve recently read. It has been published since 2006 but I only just now caught up with it courtesy of the library. The author wasn’t one I was familiar with but having read this book I am likely to read more of her work. The Novelist by Angela Hunt is about Jordan Casey who has written a number of Rex Tower novels. While teaching a writing course at a local community college she is challenged by one of her students that she is not investing enough of herself into her … Continue reading

A Fast from the World

The other week a young married couple we know, were ‘fasting from the world’ for a week. What this meant for them was no internet and emails, no TV, no music, no magazines, no books and no radio. They were still in the world but cutting themselves off from the world’s influences. The idea was to send more time reading God’s Word and allow His words to permeate their lives and to spend more time relating to each other and to those around them. They had voluntarily chosen to do this in an attempt to draw closer to God and … Continue reading