Spacial Memory Loss in Pregnant Women (I Told You So)

Nearly two months ago I blogged about a study conducted in Australia that claimed “baby brain,” or the memory loss many pregnant women claim to experience, is all in our heads. I believe my response was, “They are nuts!” If you read my story about getting lost in my own town, you’d understand why. Well now there is another study that comes from the University of Bradford that links pregnancy hormones to spacial memory loss, (think, “where did I leave my keys?” or “how do I get home from here?”) This is almost as confusing as the contradictory research about … Continue reading

The Bonding Hormone and Monogamy

There has been quite a bit of research into love and the brain. Scientists have isolated parts of the brain they believe that love is felt. So that stab to your heart is really coming from your head. Within all of that science, researchers have made some conclusions about how we bond and why we are or are not monogamous. And it seems that there is a certain truth to the belief that some men just aren’t cut out for monogamy. Let’s start with the woman. A hormone called oxytocin is responsible for encouraging bonding. Oxytocin is released during childbirth … Continue reading