Chore Wars: A New Way to Do Housework

Is there a way to making cleaning more fun? When I first heard of Chore Wars, I admit that I was a little skeptical. Sure, it might be effective for a day or two, but would it really have any long-term effect on the housework? In this blog post, I’ll share information about Chore Wars. What is Chore Wars? Chore Wars is an online “game” that keeps track of chores that you do around the house and rewards you in a very simplified manner. It uses a sort of Dungeons and Dragons type model in that you form a party … Continue reading

Reuse Review: Common Household Items

Do you have something on your list to buy the next time you head to the mart store, or home improvement store? Well, get ready to cross it off of your list, because you probably already have something right in your home that will do the job. I really enjoy this review of common household items because it shows how creative people can be with what they already own. And, reusing common household items can save a lot of money, of course. You’ll be surprised at how much you can do with what you already have. So, relax and enjoy … Continue reading

New Uses for Old VHS Cases

We are slowly in the process of getting through our many VHS movies. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few of them from thrift stores and yard sales. Friends have given us their VHS tapes when they have upgraded to DVD because they knew that we would use them. We were one of the last hold outs in purchasing a DVD player. Some of the movies are starting to wear out and are so loved that we will have to attain the DVD versions. Others have been watched a few times but are not worthy of precious space … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Inflatable Toys

Now that summer is here and in full swing, you are probably raiding your garage, closets, attics, shred and wherever else you store your summer swim toys. You know the types of toys I am talking about? Those inflatable tubes, mats, beds, dolphins, snakes, water wings, beach balls, etc. And chances are, when you go to blow them back up, at least a few will be flat as a pancake and unable to be used. Maybe the toys were split at the seams near the end of last summer, got thrown into storage and forgotten about. or maybe they got … Continue reading

More New Uses for Old Soda Bottles

There are so many wonderful uses for empty soda bottles. You can save money by using the bottles that you already own instead of spending money buying something new. (Or if you don’t drink soda, ask for some empty bottles from a friend.) In yesterday’s article, New Uses for Old Soda Bottles, I shared some basic ideas on using the empty bottles to save on boots, heating pads and water. Now here are some more creative ideas and ways to use empty soda bottles and be frugal. Custom bag dispenser. You are saving your plastic grocery bags, aren’t you? Well, … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Soda Bottles

Do you buy soda? Instead of throwing the empty bottles out, put them to good use around your home. By now you know all of the three principals of frugal living: reduce, reuse and recycle. Oftentimes there are plenty of things you already own that can be used for things you might otherwise purchase. Take the humble 1-liter plastic soda bottle. There are so many things that can be done with it. And, when you are done with its new use, you can always recycle the bottle the traditional way, at a recycling center. Less waste means more savings for … Continue reading

New Uses for Wire Hangers

While cleaning out our master closet the other day I found….ack!!!! Oh the horror! I found several wire hangers. Now this wouldn’t normally be such a terrifying experience if it were for the fact that I thought I had just cleaned out all of the wire hangers. Somewhere perhaps I missed one behind the coats. And that one must have been pregnant. So, now I was left with wire hangers I didn’t know what to do with. I had already donated a large amount of them to the local thrift store, and they threatened banning me if I came back … Continue reading

New Uses for Clothespins

Well, this new house is finally starting to come together. Tom is back to work, and Andrew started at his new school, which so far, he absolutely loves. He comes home with a happy face after school. The weather has turned a bit colder this week, but I am looking forward to getting a clothes line hung in the back in some inconspicuous place, so I can hang our laundry. I have my clothes pins all ready to go. In fact, in my excitement, I probably have more clothespins than I will actually use. So, of course I was inspired … Continue reading

New Frugal Uses for Pillowcases

Pillowcases can often be found around the house or at thrift stores for pennies. Recently I found a bunch of new ones in some funky designs on clearance. They were a mere 50 cents a piece in the package (2 for a dollar). The nice things about pillow cases is that they are often made of cotton, and they have nice sturdy seams. You can take advantage of those features to turn the pillowcases into some great items. Here are some frugal ideas that will reuse pillow cases. A pretty linen or embroidered pillowcase will make a cute toddler summer … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Earrings

Do you have a bunch of old earrings that you never wear anymore? Earrings can be like single socks, one of the pair generally gets lost and then you can’t do anything with them. So you throw them in a drawer, and there they stay. Well, here are some frugal ways to take advantage of all of those unwanted earrings in some fun new ways. (And if you don’t have any unwanted earrings, check out your local thrift store or tag sale, where they can be had for pennies for a bagful.) One of the most fun ways to use … Continue reading