Tragic Death of a Baby–Why Not Adoption Instead?

News sources are now reporting that a 19-year-old Wisconsin woman is in jail for neglect causing the death of her young infant. Indra Book stopped breastfeeding her baby and allowed her to die. A friend of hers is charged with covering up the child’s death. The LaCrosse County District Attorney told the media that the parents could have given up the baby under the state’s safe haven laws. This would have brought the baby to safety while maintaining the anonymity of the parents. There is much that is still unknown about this case. The mother has given conflicting statements. The … Continue reading

The Summer Job Market for Teens Looks Bleak

In just a few short months, school will be over for the summer and there will be a slew of teens and college students looking for work. But seasonal work this year might be hard to come by. In a survey released by (a website that features hourly rate jobs), most employers say they’re not hiring seasonal help this year. That makes for fewer jobs. Plus, experts agree that summer vacations, camps, and other activities that teens might normally enjoy are on the down swing this summer because of the recession. That leaves lots of available teens who might … Continue reading

Teen Mother Kills Baby

It always saddens me when I hear about a mother killing her child. It saddens me more when the child is a newborn. Last week here in Mobile an 18-year-old mother claimed that her 1-month-old daughter had been kidnapped by two woman who said they were from an adoption agency. The mother, who also has a 14-month-old daughter, said that after giving birth to the second child she realized she would not be able to take care of both kids so she decided to put the new baby up for adoption. She claimed she called an agency from a list … Continue reading

Our Flawed Birth Mother

The story of the birth mother of our five adopted sons may prepare those of you who want to adopt children out of a state foster system for what could be ahead for you. Lola, not her real name, was born to an abusive mother herself. She was adopted at three years old. I do not know much of her early history although many of the professionals who have examined her think that she has fetal alcohol syndrome, which is very serious. By age fifteen, she had run away from her adoptive home, never to return. She has been living … Continue reading

What Parents Can Learn from the Gorilla Incident

It happened at the Cincinnati Zoo. A 3-year-old boy somehow fell into the gorilla exhibit’s enclosure. A 17-year-old male gorilla, named Harambe, encountered the boy. Someone from the Zoo made the decision to shoot and kill the gorilla in order to save the preschooler. What can parents learn from the Gorilla Incident? Parent Shaming Doesn’t Fix Things It didn’t take long for parents around the world to take to social media to comment about the Gorilla Incident. While some expressed sympathy for the Zoo, the majority chose to attack the mother of the 3-year-old boy and question her parenting ability. … Continue reading

Signing Part I

I first came across the concept and practice of signing with infants when I was doing my pre pregnancy research on how to best achieve a better and healthier birth.  Once we were pregnant with our first child, a son, I came across the information again and even watched a few videos of a mother signing with her fifteen month old daughter.  The idea is that parents start using sign language with their infants for basic words e.g. “milk,” “all done,” “diaper,”  so that the infant can communicate basic needs and wants before he or she is verbal. This not … Continue reading

Learn To Laugh

Everyone has advice for single mothers. Do this, don’t do that, never allow this, don’t put up with that. When I was first divorced everyone gave me a hard time for allowing Hailey to sleep with me. How was I ever going to remarry if my daughter was in my bed, I was setting her up to resent my future, non existent husband. I finally stopped paying attention, it’s too overwhelming, especially since most of the advice is conflicting. As a single mother who has been in the trenches for a while I can honestly say that the two things … Continue reading

Parents and Guns

As I mentioned in a previous post, thanks to her quick thinking, superior balance and keen gun skills, 18-year-old Sarah McKinley and her 3-month-old son are alive today. The Oklahoma widow has been basking in the national media spotlight ever since she shot and killed a man who tried to break into her home on New Year’s Eve. In the past week, McKinley has made the rounds on cable and network news shows, but now her name is gaining even more notoriety because Sarah Palin is trying to make her the poster child for gun rights. The conservative politician is … Continue reading

Failing as a Parent… in Florida

I wouldn’t want to be a parent raising a kid in Florida this week. The Sunshine State is taking a beating when it comes to negligent parenting. Days after Casey Anthony is set free despite most of the nation labeling her as a baby killer, and months after a Tampa-area mom is charged with murdering her two teenage kids for allegedly being “mouthy,” comes news about a Pasco County mom robbing a bank with her toddler in tow. According to law enforcement officials, 24-year-old Cherilyn Jannette Lopez held up a bank while schlepping her 3-year-old son, so she could gather … Continue reading

The Importance of Preserving Childhood Memories

Part of the reason (okay, one of the primary reasons) I blog is to chronicle some of the sweet or funny moments in my young daughter’s life. After all, she’s not a baby anymore. (Where did my baby go?) She will be seven soon. Seven. How did that happen? Sadly, some of the only solid memories I have of my daughter as a baby come from photos, a few scribbled journal entries, and these blog posts. I am hoping that she will remember all of the good times we shared together without the aid of printed posts, but alas that … Continue reading