Fun Ideas for Things to Paint On and With

Painting on rectangle shaped paper with plain old paintbrushes is fun, but there are so many other things you and your children can paint on and with! Consider paper shapes, a kite, a rain drop, or flower shape would all be great for this time of year. Craft paper comes in large rolls and only costs a few dollars. The kids can paint a mural or a custom painting for their bedroom doors. They can paint a life-sized version of themselves. Also think small. Business cards are great for painting. So are old greeting cards. Scrounge around the kitchen. I … Continue reading

Things to Do with Expired Coupons

Coupons are a great way to save money on your grocery bill and contribute to your frugal lifestyle. But one issue is all of those expired coupons that you are left with. Generally, I find that I have to purge expired coupons about every two, sometimes three months. My coupons are organized, so it is just a matter of tossing a file folder full. But, there has got to be a better use for them instead of the garbage or recycling pail, right? Of course! Probably the best use for expired coupons is to donate them to military families. Military … Continue reading

More Things to Do with Cardboard Tubes

Still have some cardboard tubes laying around? You know the ones? They are what is left after you use a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper or a roll of gift wrap. These tubes have so many uses around the house, so there is no need to toss them away. In a precious article: Things to Do with Cardboard Tubes, I covered some fun ways to use these free items from fire starters to knife sheaths. Now here are some more things to do with cardboard tubes. Remember, there is no need to purchase something when you … Continue reading

Things to Do with Cardboard Tubes

Everyone loves paper towel and toilet tubes! What about gift wrapping tubes? All of these tubes are just so useful. There are so many things that can be done with them, and so many solutions for household use. You know my philosophy: why purchase something when you already have something that will work. After you read some of these ideas, you may just stop tossing those tubes. Did you know that you can extend the reach of your vacuum cleaner hose or wand with a long gift wrap tube? Use duct tape to make the seal airtight. You can even … Continue reading

Game On!

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games are officially underway in London, England. After a night of pomp, circumstance, and psychedelic performances during the Opening Ceremony, the world’s top athletes are getting down to business. The Olympic Games are the ideal vehicle to teach kids about good sportsmanship, dedication and a host of other principles that will serve them well in life beyond the playing field. For example, as you and your kids tune in tonight to watch swimming superstar Michael Phelps face off against rival Ryan Lochte in the 400 individual medley, use the opportunity to discuss the power of dedication, … Continue reading

Sure-Fire Storage Solutions

Proper storage can really enhance your home. When everything has its own place, then you know your home looks and feels better. Not having to search for hours for things is another benefit of good storage. Here are some creative ideas that are sure-fire storage solutions for the things around your home. If you keep things in boxes in your attic, basement, garage or closet, if can be difficult to know what is in each box. Consequently, you may wind up buying copies of things that you already had but didn’t know that you had. If you have to stack … Continue reading

Reuse Review: Items from The Kitchen

Most of the time, the kitchen really seems to be the functional heart of the home. There is generally a lot of ongoing activity in a kitchen. This makes for plenty of opportunity to reuse items that otherwise might be thrown away. You can also repurpose a lot of kitchen items for other functions as needed. I think you will like the following articles. They focus on some creative ways to use everyday items you might find in the kitchen. Real Storage Solutions Using Egg Cartons Unless your are a homesteader, you probably have an almost endless supply of egg … Continue reading

New Uses for Old CDs and DVDs

Cds and DVDs seems to be everywhere in our household. We constantly get them from so many sources. Many are mailed to us, to encourage us to sign up for internet services or preview some great new gadget. We received a CD when we bought house paint, and another in our box of light bulbs. The are CDs slipped into bags when we buy greeting cards, and others when we visit a local fair. Major appliances now come with their own DVDs that explain how to use them. It is getting pretty ridiculous. But can anything be done with these … Continue reading

New Uses for Old VHS Cases

We are slowly in the process of getting through our many VHS movies. Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few of them from thrift stores and yard sales. Friends have given us their VHS tapes when they have upgraded to DVD because they knew that we would use them. We were one of the last hold outs in purchasing a DVD player. Some of the movies are starting to wear out and are so loved that we will have to attain the DVD versions. Others have been watched a few times but are not worthy of precious space … Continue reading

New Uses for Old Inflatable Toys

Now that summer is here and in full swing, you are probably raiding your garage, closets, attics, shred and wherever else you store your summer swim toys. You know the types of toys I am talking about? Those inflatable tubes, mats, beds, dolphins, snakes, water wings, beach balls, etc. And chances are, when you go to blow them back up, at least a few will be flat as a pancake and unable to be used. Maybe the toys were split at the seams near the end of last summer, got thrown into storage and forgotten about. or maybe they got … Continue reading