Improving Your Skills

My local camera shop is offering an end-of-the-summer photo workshop at a really good price. I considered registering, but the end of August is such a chaotic time around our home. However, if you have the means and the time, then I would highly suggest taking advantage of these types of opportunities to hone your photography skills. Whether you are new to digital photography or you simply want to learn how to use more of your camera’s features, workshops and seminars are great ways to obtain professional advice. In addition, they provide you with the incentive to experiment with different … Continue reading

Moo-ving Shots

True or false: Cows sit down when it’s about to rain? My 6-year-old bought that myth hook, line and sinker, despite a “real” farmer trying to explain otherwise. The problem is my child has photographic proof that cows really do take a load off when dark clouds roll in. Years ago I snapped a shot of a cow sitting pretty with a black sky as the background. What you don’t see in the photo is that there were about 14 other cows standing straight up as the rain began to fall. Whether you are taking pictures of cows, horses or … Continue reading

Improving Self Portraits

You don’t have to look far these days to view horrific self photos. Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are home to some of the worst self portraits on Earth. Viewing photo after photo of people posing in front of mirrors that also prominently reveal the cameras they’re using to document the scene is pretty pathetic. Professional photographers will be the first to tell you that snapping a stunning self portrait takes a combination of good equipment and even better timing. While they may look like a snap to take, exceptional self shots are an art that requires practice … Continue reading

On the Road with Your Camera

Woe to my friend and former colleague who promised his 12-year-old son a spring break road trip from Wisconsin to Florida. With the amount of money he will have to shell out for gas he could have probably bought two first-class, round-trip airline tickets. Sky-high gas prices be damned, the father-son duo still plan on taking the trip. They leave next week and I am already looking forward to the photos my pal will be tweeting as they make their way to the sun, sand and surf. With spring break right around the corner, now is a great time to … Continue reading

Say Bye-Bye to Blurry Shots

Camera shake happens to the best photographers. A variety of factors can lead to blurry shots, from jostling and poor lighting to focus problems with moving subjects and inadequate aim. Fortunately, you don’t have to delete a digital shot just because of a little blur. Image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop can help you salvage shots you never thought would see the inside of a frame. Photoshop is especially user-friendly. In just a few steps you can sharpen your shots without anyone knowing what the original photo looked like: Step One: If your shooting conditions are compromised, use the … Continue reading

More Free Editing Tips

Since I don’t own Photoshop I have to rely on free photo-editing software programs to modify my favorite shots. Fortunately, as I mentioned in my previous blog, there are a number of outstanding no-charge photo-editing programs available online. I am not shy about experimenting with them and have become a loyal user of a couple of sites in particular: and Both sites offer excellent photo-editing programs. They are best suited for quick photo fixes rather than elaborate modifications. In Phixr’s case, you are free to use all of the editing tools on the site free of charge. What’s … Continue reading

More Ways to Salvage Shaky Shots

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology there is no need to trash blurry photos. While digital cameras allow you to preview shots and delete them if you are not happy, they also give you the opportunity to salvage out-of-focus shots with the help of photo-editing software. Even the pros have bad days, so when you shoot a series of shaky shots, don’t let it shake your confidence. Instead, salvage those blurry images with one of the following image editing software programs: FOCUS MAGIC While Photoshop helps modify photos with mild to moderate blurring, Focus Magic comes to the aid … Continue reading

Salvaging Shaky Shots

In a previous blog I addressed the consequences of not using a tripod when shooting objects that are far away. Camera shake is a sure-fire way to kill a super shot. Fortunately, recent advances in technology allow photographers to salvage shaky shots and resurrect images that were once destined for the recycle bin. Photo-editing software is a saving grace for professional and amateur photographers alike. What’s more, you don’t have to be a tech whiz in order to edit blurry shots. I’m not going to lie; I edit the heck out of some of my images. These days it’s not … Continue reading

No Shame In Using Your Phone

I have noticed a growing trend lately. Bloggers, even the best of them, are using photos they took with their phones in their posts, a spot usually reserved for only the best pictures. It just goes to show you that there is more to photography than the camera quality. I have run across some great shots that were taken with camera phones. There are probably a number of reasons behind this trend. I think part of the reason these photos turn out so great is the fact that they were taken at just the right time. Not everyone has a … Continue reading

More Tips For Photographing Your Furry Friends

For some pet owners their four-legged friends are more than just animals, they are part of the family. As such, family pets often become popular photo subjects. However, taking pictures of your pet may prove frustrating if you are constantly snapping shots that appear as though your furry friend is possessed. The red-eye that appears when taking shots of animals is often referred to as “pet photo flash eye” or “green-eye effect” and avoiding it takes some practice. These days, most digital cameras come with red-eye reduction capabilities, which help eliminate that unattractive red glow that is caused when a … Continue reading