Traveling To Tennessee

In 1996 I was driving alone from Wisconsin to Atlanta, Georgia. I had just gotten a job field producing and reporting for a news agency that was documenting the Summer Olympics from start to finish. I was thrilled about my new gig, but far less enthused about making the long drive with all of my belongings by myself. Regardless, the road trip proved to be quite eventful and extremely educational. It was on this trip that I would experience what life was like in Tennessee (if only for a couple of days). My first visit to the state was brief … Continue reading

Travel to Cherokee Landing in Tennessee

Located in Middleton, Tennessee is a great place with beautiful scenery called Cherokee Landing. With more than 296 power and water campsites, as well as cabin rentals, this is the ideal destination for families or couples wanting a romantic getaway. While there, you will fall in love with the rolling hills and relaxing valleys. Of course, the gorgeous lake where you can enjoy a paddleboat or canoe is a huge draw, along with the great fishing. With a huge outdoor area to explore, hike, swim, fish, or boat, Cherokee Landing is a wonderful destination but the campsite is also loaded … Continue reading

One Out of Every Seven Drivers Lacks Insurance

Summer is the time of year when you will find the most drivers on the road. People are using their vacation time, and traveling with their families. Ideally, if a car accident happens, both drivers will be covered by insurance. Unfortunately, a survey finds that one out of seven drivers lacks auto insurance. Many states have created laws that require all drivers to be covered by an auto insurance policy. If you live in one of these states, then you probably complied with the law, and purchased the necessary insurance. Even if your state doesn’t make you buy car insurance, … Continue reading

Free Family Fun in Big Cities

If you are spending a bundle on gas or airfare to travel to a major U.S. city this summer, then you might consider taking time to visit the following attractions. They’re not only family-friendly and educational, but they won’t cost you a penny to experience. MISSOURI No trip to St. Louis would be complete without a pit stop at the brick Main Street of Saint Charles. The iconic attraction is celebrating the start of summer with weekend entertainment in honor of the city’s 200th anniversary. The free entertainment is just one of 200 events being held in St. Louis this … Continue reading

Affordable Educational Kid-Friendly Activities

The learning doesn’t have to end just because your kids aren’t in the classroom. If your children are on temporary hiatus from school because of the swine flu scare, then consider using the time to participate in educational activities as a family. Here are some low-cost learning opportunities: Tour the nation’s only frozen cemetery in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation is where Baseball Hall of Famer Ted Williams is cryogenically preserved. Tours are free. Bird-watch at the Great Dismal Swamp Birding Festival, May 7-9, in southeastern Virginia. The event includes demonstrations, guided bird walks, bus tours to Lake … Continue reading

Visit the Best of the Best During Spring Break

Where will you be spending spring break this year? Parents looking for fun, yet affordable ways to spend spring break with their kids should check out The 10 Best of Everything Families: An Ultimate Guide for Travelers. For about 20 bucks the handy guide provides information on the best locations for family reunions, skiing, biking, extreme adventures, factory tours, museums, zoos, gardens, historic sites, roller coasters, music festivals, wildlife-watching and much more. There are also sections on seasonal celebrations, such as Easter and Christmas. Some sample lists include: Education Vacations–10 Best Innovators’ Homes Samuel Morse, Poughkeepsie, New York Rachel Carson, … Continue reading

Scary Places: The White House – Part II

Yesterday, I was talking about the ghosts at the White House. Abraham Lincoln is a spirit that many have claimed to have seen. But, what other ethereal apparitions may be hanging out there? Mary Todd Lincoln claims to have heard President Andrew Jackson stomping around the Rose Room, which he used as a bedroom. If you remember, then General Andrew Jackson was supposed to have stayed at the Bell house in Tennessee after hearing of the Bell Witch haunting. Poor William Henry Harrison has the distinction of being the first president to die in office and having served only 30 … Continue reading

Summer Travel Tip: Never Leave Children Unattended in a Car

It’s a lesson a father living in my city learned the hard way. The man left his 2-year-old daughter sleeping in his locked alarmed car while he ran into Wal-Mart to pick up a spare battery. When he returned to his vehicle his daughter was awake and two police officers were waiting to arrest him for child endangerment. That dad was lucky. Seriously. While I’m sure he wasn’t pleased about being hauled off by police, he is lucky his daughter is still alive. Had the temperature outside been higher his toddler would have suffered much more than just emotional trauma … Continue reading

National Park Tour—-Adventure in Nature

If your family is anything like mine then you are probably battling a serious case of cabin fever. We live in the Upper Midwest where spring has not yet sprung. Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow, wind, and freezing temperatures. I don’t know if Mother Nature got the memo—but the calendar says we are just a few weeks from summer! When the temperatures do begin to rise we plan to head outdoors (and stay there until fall). Our summer travel plans include hitting some of our favorite national parks, though with near record gas prices we will likely choose ones … Continue reading

Broadway Bound

No trip to the Big Apple is complete without taking in a few Broadway shows. Whether you’ve never stepped foot in one of New York’s famous theaters or you make going to a musical part of your annual family vacation you will pleased to know that tickets for some of Broadway’s biggest shows are still available. In my previous blog I mentioned that I am seriously considering taking a trip to New York in the coming months. My friend from high school generously offered me a place to stay and asked if I would like to take in a couple … Continue reading