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A Couple of Tips for Surviving the Holidays with Baby

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us will be traveling for Thanksgiving, or preparing to host our own feast with family and friends. This will mark the first year for us, in which we do not have to do Thanksgiving with a baby under 24 months of age. That would make a total of 7 years in a row with a baby in tow for the holidays. With that said, here are a few of our tips for getting through the holidays.

It All Revolves Around the Baby

We have learned over the years that holidays must necessarily revolve around the baby or no one is happy. As you’re planning, make sure to take into account napping, cuddling and down time. If you’re having relatives in from out of town, try to spend time with them when your baby is at his freshest and most likely to be friendly. For us, this would mean mornings or right after a nap.

Pass the Baby, Not the Germs

We have actually bowed out of family gatherings where a cousin had pink eye or where someone had a bad cold. It didn’t make us popular, but it kept our family healthy. However, I certainly realize this is not always an option, especially where relatives are coming in from out of town.

I strongly advise parents of young babies (less than 6 months) and parents of preemies (0 to 2 years) to pass the Purell! Most people understand when you ask them to wash their hands or to use some hand sanitizer gel before passing the baby. It’s not rude; it’s protective and sometimes necessary for large family gatherings. If you think that people might be offended, try wearing your baby in a carrier as much as possible. Can’t hold the baby if he’s strapped to mom!

Scale Back the Celebration

If you are like me, you are busy trying to prepare and get everything together for the festivities. With a baby, shopping, cooking, and decorating might be much harder. Go ahead and scale back this year. No one will enjoy the holiday if the baby is tired for all the festivities. You want to enjoy your family, your baby and all that the holidays bring. That’s really hard with a crying and over stimulated baby.

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