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Baby Center Lists Most Popular Baby Names of 2018

Earlier this year, the Social Security Administration released their list of the top ten baby names of 2017. They have not yet released their 2018 list. Baby Center, however, has put together a list of the most popular baby names of 2018.

One interesting thing about these two lists of popular baby names is that they do not match each other. Typically, there are some differences from year to year. Some names move up or down in rank, and sometimes brand new names are added.

Baby Center Top Ten Girls Names 2018:

* Sophia
* Olivia
* Emma
* Ava
* Isabella
* Aria
* Riley
* Amelia
* Mia
* Layla

The first five names in the top ten: Sophia, Olivia, Emma, Ava, and Isabella are in the exact same order as last year. In 2017, Mia was rank six. The name moved to rank 9 in 2018. Aria was rank 7 in 2017 and moved up to rank 6 in 2018.

Riley moved up to rank 7 from rank 8 in 2017. Amelia was rank 10 on Baby Center’s 2017 list, and has moved up to rank 8 in 2018. Layla was not part of the top ten list in 2017. (It ranked at number 11).

Baby Center Top Ten Boys Names 2018:

* Jackson
* Liam
* Noah
* Aiden
* Caden
* Grayson
* Lucas
* Mason
* Oliver
* Elijah

The first four names on this list: Jackson, Liam, Noah, and Aiden are in the same places as last year. Caden moved up from rank 6 in 2017 to rank 5 in 2018. Grayson moved up to rank 6 in 2018 from rank 7 in 2017.

Lucas was rank 5 in 2017, but dropped to rank 7 in 2018. Mason is in the same place on the list as last year – rank 8. Elijah dropped from rank 9 last year to rank 10 this year. The name Oliver didn’t make the list in 2017 (it was at rank 11), and moved up to rank 9 in 2018.

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