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Breakfast Items that Freeze Well

Breakfast Items that Freeze WellOne of the ways to save money is by avoiding the expensive cost of breakfast. You may be overspending on this important meal if you rely on convenience items, such as dry cereal, individual oatmeal packets, and store-bought frozen breakfast items, from sandwiches to pancakes.

To reduce your spending in this area, consider preparing your own breakfast items and freezing them for later use. This way, you will always have a ready breakfast at hand, no matter how hectic the morning turns out to be.

You can approach preparing freezer breakfast items in at least two different ways. You can either set aside some dedicated time to prepared several items at once, such as on a weekend, or you can simply choose one or two days a week to make breakfast and double or triple your recipes.

There are a number of great breakfast items that freeze well with little trouble. Two of my favorites are pancakes and waffles. After they are cooked, cool them on a cooling rack. Place the pancakes or waffles on cookie sheets and place them in your freezer for 30 minutes. You can skip this step, but it helps make sure that the items don’t stick together. Place the frozen pancakes or waffles in freezer bags and then back into the freezer. To reheat, you can simply microwave for 30 seconds or place them in a toaster or toaster oven. Don’t be afraid to make a variety of flavors, such as pumpkin, chocolate chip, blueberry, etc.

Muffins freeze very well and can either be thawed overnight or microwaved. Again, prepare a variety and use freezer bags to store them in you freezer until needed. Try using a mini muffin plan to create lunchbox snacks that will thaw by the time they are needed.

Additional breakfast items that freeze well include eggs and cheese sandwiches on english muffins, croissants or bagels, breakfast bowls that contain eggs, sausage and vegetables, breakfast burritos, cinnamon rolls, biscuits, fully cooked Quiche and breakfast pizza.

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