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Calcium & Quinoa

I have a friend that says that she felt her most healthy and in shape when she was pregnant. She said that the knowledge that she was caring for someone else besides herself motivated her. I was impressed by that. All I could think about when I was pregnant was chocolate and more chocolate. While I cared about my unborn child, I was not super motivated to eat healthy. I felt like my hormones were in charge instead of me, and that caused me to have the attitude of, “I’m eating for two!” When, in reality, we all know that we can’t use that excuse. I gained about 40 pounds with both pregnancies.

It’s hard in the first trimester when things you normally love sound disgusting, and things you hate sound yummy. Some women want to simply eat anything that they can keep down. For me, having a third this time around I hope will be different. While, I may have forgotten how strong those pregnancy hormones can be, if I do have another baby, I want to be healthier.

I have recently made some lifestyle changes that I think will help me when I do become pregnant again. I no longer eat a lot of carbs, and I definitely eat more fruits and veggies. I try hard to get my calcium, although, I’m not the best at that. Did you know that if you do not take in enough calcium during pregnancy that the baby so desperately needs, then the baby will get it from another source? Your bones. You need 1000 mg a day to keep the baby healthy in-utero. To get your chocolate fix, try drinking chocolate milk. You will get your calcium and your chocolate fix in one. Hot chocolate can also satisfy that craving without a ton of calories.

Whole grains are essential too. One grain I recently discovered in the past year that I cook with almost weekly is Quinoa. If you’ve never heard of it, you should look into it. It is the only grain that is a complete source of protein that you need without any extra foods. Unheard of right? It is packed with protein and calcium along with other nutrients that your baby with thrive on. Cook it like rice. It is delicious cooked in chicken broth with a little onion. You will love this nutty grain that will fill you up and make you feel good.

Try this:

Quinoa Pilaf
Sautee 1/2 cup of onion in 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil until tender
Add 1 cup of rinsed, uncooked quinoa and 1 1/2 cups of Chicken Broth
Cook on medium until most of the broth is absorbed. Approximately 15 minutes.

You will have a delicious side dish to any main course that is great for any Pregnant Mama!

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