Epcot Flower & Garden Festival Kicks Off This Week

This week the Epcot International Flower Garden Festival officially opens.  It’s one of Epcot’s longest events, in the length of time it’s going on at the park.  So from year to year it might not seem like a lot changes.  This year, though, it’s got something special up its sleeve. One of Disney’s big films of the year is “Oz: The Great & Powerful,” which tells the story of how a man from the American Midwest became the wonderful, terrible Wizard of Oz.  It opens on March 8, two days after the kickoff of the Flower & Garden Festival, and … Continue reading

Exploring the International Disney Parks

Disney World and Disneyland aren’t exactly the same, so why should the other Disney parks abroad be similar?  If you ever get the chance to travel to an international Disney park, perhaps to Tokyo Disneyland for the new D23 convention this fall, you might notice a few differences from the domestic ones.  BBC Travel did a report on some of the unique things that set the international parks apart. One of the most obvious differences is the food.  While you can get some international food at Disney Parks, especially at Epcot at Disney World, it’s still not standard.  Obviously, that’s … Continue reading

D23 Expo Headed to Japan

D23, the official Disney fan club, just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Tickets are already on sale for the much-anticipated D23 Expo in August, and the club just announced another huge convention for 2013, this one abroad.  The D23 Expo is hitting the road, and will come to Japan on October 12-14, 2013. The D23 Expo Japan will not just be a carbon copy of the one held in Anaheim months prior.  Although there will be a lot of overlap, in merchandise and in smaller events, the Japan expo will be unique.  It’ll be held mostly in Japanese, with events … Continue reading

Tips for Disney World Resort Hotel Stays

Today I just learned about a new Disney resort: the Disney Yacht Club resort.  When I say new, I don’t mean that it’s about to be built or to open, but that I had never heard of it before.  The resort’s been around since 1990.  There are just so many hotels at Disney World, it’s hard to remember them all or keep them all straight. It can be a dilemma for those looking to plan a Disney World vacation.  You may have crossed the first hurdle – deciding whether or not you’re going to stay on site – but you … Continue reading

Underappreciated Disney Films: The Rescuers Down Under

“The Rescuers Down Under” doesn’t stand out as much as other films in my underappreciated series.  When looking at the full catalog of Disney feature-length animated films, I can understand why RDU and its predecessor don’t get as much attention.  I could have chosen either of them for this column, but given that “The Rescuers” was popular enough when it came out to warrant one of Disney’s only three theater-released sequels, I picked the latter film.  RDU is also hurt by the fact that its release came between that of Disney powerhouses “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” … Continue reading

Disney Movies on Home Release This Spring

Disney fans take note: the company has released the list of movies due out on home release this spring.  It’s a combination of films out of the vault, first time home releases, and TV on DVD.  First up, coming out last week, is “Peter Pan.”  In honor of the film’s 60th anniversary, this is Disney’s first Diamond Edition and Blu-Ray release of the classic.  Another famous Peter also hit the shelves this week: Peter Parker, in “Ultimate Spider-Man: Avenging Spider-Man.”  It’s one of the Marvel cartoons Disney’s currently producing. This week, in anticipation of its prequel’s June release, “Monster’s Inc.” … Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Disney Parks Merchandise

The official Disney Parks blog recently published a helpful post for any fans of Disney merchandise: answers to the most frequently asked questions about shopping at the Disney parks.  If you like to collect all the unique swag that you can from the parks, this post is just for you.  Let’s look at the points. The first is that some merchandise is completely unique to the Disney Parks.  While the Disney Store and other affiliates do sell some pieces in locations all around the world, there are some things that you can only get if you’re in one of the … Continue reading

Win a Disney World Trip in the Fantasyland Sweepstakes

Now that the new Fantasyland is up and running (though not every single aspect of the park is open yet), it’s time for Disney World to offer fans a chance to win a free trip there.  The Disney Store is currently running a sweepstakes to win a 5-day, 4-night vacation at Disney World. Although the sweepstakes is in honor of the new Fantasyland, the prize doesn’t revolve too much around it.  Guests could win and choose to spend most of their time outside the Magic Kingdom, if they wanted.  Grand prize winners get to spend one night in the Cinderella … Continue reading

Disney Plans Star Wars Character Spin-Offs

 Boba Fett and the man who played him, Jeremy Bulloch The biggest Disney movie news of the past week was so big it needed its own post: Disney has announced that they’re planning character-based “Star Wars” spin-offs.  That means they’re looking to make movies that expand the stories of fan favorites like Yoda, Han Solo, and Boba Fett. If you’re wondering about the sequel trilogy, know that it’s still on track.  Episode 7 might not make it out in 2015 as planned, now that the ever-busy J.J. Abrams is helming, but these character pieces aren’t meant to replace Episodes 7-9.  … Continue reading

Latest Disney Movie News

There’s a lot going on in the world of Disney movies right now.  The Disney Blog has the scoop on all the details.  First I’ll start with the news on one of my most anticipated upcoming Disney films: “The Muppets” sequel.  That’s right: 2011’s Muppet movie was successful enough that the famous puppet troop is headed out for another cinematic adventure. Just like the 2011 Muppet movie drew inspiration from the 1979 original, its sequel shares elements with the original’s sequel.  The Muppets are headed back to London, where they went in 1981’s “Great Muppet Caper.”  In “The Muppets…Again,” the … Continue reading