Creating Chore Charts

In my last blog I offered some tips when it comes to chores and children.  The idea was to get you thinking about the ways you can make it easier for them and yourself. Now we are going to look at how to create a chore chart.  But you might want to first decide if your children will receive an allowance for doing their chores. I have been on both sides.  There were times over the years that I did pay an allowance.  Then there was a time when they were expected to do certain chores as a contribution to … Continue reading

3 Tips for Parents When It Comes to Chores

As I near the end of January’s focus on cleaning, I want to address chores.  It’s important that housework isn’t put on the shoulders of just one person. My thinking is if you live in this house and help make it dirty, then you need to help keep it clean.  This should start at an early age. Before I get into the whole concept of chores and charts, there are some tips I would like to offer parents.  The first is, don’t look at chores as something for older kids. The younger you start a habit with a child, the … Continue reading

Speed Cleaning

Have you ever received that last minute call, “Guess who’s coming over for dinner tonight honey?”  Or you suddenly remembered that so-and-so was stopping by to go over notes for an upcoming meeting. Maybe you have family coming by but you got lost in a good book.  Suddenly you look at the clock and realize you have an hour before they arrive. All of these scenarios can leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and unprepared.  But this is where speed cleaning comes in. Speed cleaning requires fast movement.  In fact, you need to set a timer so that you have a deadline … Continue reading

Supplies for Maintenance Cleaning

Today I am wrapping up the three types of cleaning.  We have already covered seasonal cleaning and deep cleaning.  In my last blog I talked about maintenance cleaning and how to develop a plan.  We finish up maintenance today by talking about the supplies you will need. You already know that I am a fan of Clorox or Lysol wipes (whichever is on sale).  Let me explain why. They are already moistened, so all it requires is grabbing one from the container and it’s ready to go.  I am big on saving time.   In fact, sometimes I will sacrifice price … Continue reading

Developing a Maintenance Cleaning Plan

Reaching the last of the three types of cleaning, we are going to be looking at developing a maintenance cleaning plan.  We have already covered seasonal cleaning and deep cleaning.  And while those are important in keeping a home clean, maintenance will be the key to staying on top of things. That’s essentially what it means to maintain your home, to keep on top of it.  It can significantly reduce the amount of work you do in the long run.  And a clean home makes for a healthier one. A maintenance cleaning plan focuses on those things you must do … Continue reading

Supplies for Deep Cleaning

The month of January we are focusing on cleaning.  So far I have talked about developing a seasonal cleaning plan, supplies for seasonal cleaning and developing a deep cleaning plan. We continue with deep cleaning by talking about the supplies you will need.  This will depend on the rooms you tackle. Let’s say you adopted an every-other-month schedule (January – Kitchen, March – Bathroom, May – Bedroom, July – Living Room, September – Dining Room, November – Kids Bedroom).  You should start thinking of the supplies you will need in the month before. So December would be the time to … Continue reading

Developing a Deep Cleaning Plan

So far I have talked about developing a seasonal cleaning plan and putting together seasonal cleaning supplies.  As a reminder, seasonal cleaning deals with rooms and areas that you tend to get to about once-a-year. Now we are going to focus on deep cleaning.  This is your top-to-bottom cleaning.  I usually do this type of cleaning twice-a-year, in the spring and the fall. The system that works best for me is to empty the room.  I will tell you it’s a pretty big undertaking, especially in certain rooms.   So if you really want to do a good deep cleaning, make … Continue reading

Supplies for Seasonal Cleaning

I kicked off 2013 with a determination to conquer what I call a lost art in society, housekeeping.  My way of defining housekeeping is cleaning, repairs, decorating and organizing. January’s focus is on cleaning, which I blogged about the three main types of cleaning:  seasonal, deep and maintenance.  Last week I introduced you to a seasonal cleaning plan and today we are going to talk about the supplies you need. As a reminder, seasonal cleaning targets those areas inside and outside the home that you are likely to get to once-a-year.  Examples include washing windows and cleaning out the garage. … Continue reading

Developing a Seasonal Cleaning Plan

Living in Wisconsin, I get to experience all of the seasons.  Of course, some last longer than others but I honestly wouldn’t give up the chance to sweat in summer, rake leaves in the fall, bundle up in the winter and observe new growth in the spring. One of the opportunities I take advantage of, because I get to experience these seasonal changes, is cleaning.  Now who thinks of cleaning as an opportunity, right? Seasonal cleaning allows you to concentrate on certain areas you don’t traditionally get to.  But you do it at a time that makes sense.  That is … Continue reading

3 Types of Cleaning

My first housekeeping blog for the year was sort of a challenge; in conquering what I feel has become a lost art in today’s society.  The care of the home isn’t always considered to be so important.  But I believe it’s one of the ways we show love to our family. I also mentioned how housekeeping has evolved into what we typically refer to as homemaking.  I suspect that some think of the word “housekeeping” in a negative light. No matter what you call it, my goal is to help you understand the importance of it and what it all … Continue reading