How Much?

Would you pay $9000 for a wedding dress? To me that is an exorbitant for a dress for one day. Yet that is not considered all that expensive by some people. I guess it depends on what is important to you. $9000 was the price a friend’s daughter found the one she wanted for recently. It was too expensive for her. She could think of many other uses for that money. In the end she had her dress made overseas, an almost exact replica for under $500. When people talked about watching the royal wedding, which I didn’t watch, the … Continue reading

After the Wedding: Keep the Dress or Sell It?

What did you do with your dress after your wedding? Or, for those of you who are about to be married, what do you plan to do with it? Since I was pretty sure even back when I got married that I didn’t want to have kids, I didn’t really see a point in keeping my wedding dress. I didn’t foresee I’d have a daughter to pass it down to, so why keep it? But I ended up keeping it anyway. Mostly at Wayne’s insistence of all things. When we moved from Phoenix to Jacksonville we held a garage sale. … Continue reading

Wedding Dresses: Buyer Beware

Several months ago one of the local news stations here in Nashville ran a story about a bride-to-be who couldn’t return her wedding dress when her fiance died before their wedding day. (I think this was back around the time my mom got diagnosed with a month to live and went into the hospice. Which is why I didn’t write about it sooner. I’m just now working my way down the list of ideas I had back then.) I don’t remember exactly how her fiance died. (I want to say car accident, but that might not be right.) How he … Continue reading

Trends in Wedding Dresses

It is very interesting to look at fads and styles that come in and out of the fashion world. It can also be fun to look at the areas that they hit first and how they eventually trickle down to other areas. Many of these fads will come and go and then return once again a few years later. Wedding attire is no different. Brides follow the fads and phases in fashion when choosing a gown for their wedding day. I can remember when each bride was layered in a puffy sleeve well rounded wedding dress that was covered in … Continue reading

Maternity Wedding Dresses

In previous years, wedding dresses were thought to give much symbolization to the marriage. A lady was only thought to have the right to wear a white gown if she was pure and had saved herself until after marriage. Our forefathers and mothers would have never dreamed of the idea of a maternity wedding gown. However, times have now proven that indeed there is a market out there for maternity wedding dresses. In fact there is a company that has completely dedicated its business to creating maternity wedding gowns for those in need. Expectant Bride is a UK company that … Continue reading

Sell Your Wedding Dress

The wedding season is hot upon us. Modern couples want to enjoy not only the trappings of a traditional wedding, but also a deep-seated sense of frugality where they can save money. How can you do both of these things? Consider selling your wedding dress after your wedding and recouping some of the money you spent on the dress and affording another bride an opportunity to enjoy similar fashion for less the cost. Decide Ahead of Time It’s important to make the decision to sell your wedding dress before you actually get married. I wouldn’t have sold my wedding dress, … Continue reading