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Trends in Wedding Dresses

It is very interesting to look at fads and styles that come in and out of the fashion world. It can also be fun to look at the areas that they hit first and how they eventually trickle down to other areas. Many of these fads will come and go and then return once again a few years later.

Wedding attire is no different. Brides follow the fads and phases in fashion when choosing a gown for their wedding day.

I can remember when each bride was layered in a puffy sleeve well rounded wedding dress that was covered in pearls, sequins, and appliqués. Following her down the aisle was a long lacy train. The larger and more decorative a wedding dress was, the more beautiful the bride was thought to be.

However times and wedding dresses have changed.

The once large, lots of material wedding dress has slimed down much over the years. The puffy sleeves have been replaced with strapless, sleeveless, and spaghetti strap wedding dresses. The long trains have been shortened or even eliminated all together.

Wedding dresses have taken on a trendy, more stylish evening gown look.

The large bustle like slips that were once wore under the gown to give it its fullness has been put away. Wedding dresses are now more tight fitting and better show off the bride’s figure (which can be a good change for some and a bad one for others).

Wedding dresses can be seen in silky material and even in short cut designs. While white still seems to be the color of choice, they can also be found in a variety of colors.

Black, which was once reserved for morning, has now turned into a popular color for bridesmaid dresses and wedding décor. So ladies before going out and buying those wedding accessories be sure to check the magazines for the latest trends.

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