Long-Term Savings

Giving up your Starbucks fix for a couple of days at a time or cutting coupons every once in a while can help you save a few bucks, but if you are looking to save cash long-term, you need to modify your lifestyle. The following are changes that can be made over time to significantly reduce the amount of money that is extracted from your household budget each year: Energy efficiency: You can save significant amount money by being energy efficient at home. Switch to energy-efficient appliances and lighting. In addition, make sure your home is properly insulated and that … Continue reading

Value Versus Price – When Not To Go Cheap

It is often said that you get what you pay for. Sometimes this statement is true, and sometimes it isn’t. I often find myself saving money at the grocery store because many store brand products, at least at the grocery stores where I shop, taste as good as or better than their pricier name brand counterparts. However, there are certain purchases where getting a good value does not necessarily mean going with the lowest sticker price. Early last year, when it was time for my oldest son to transition out of his infant car seat (which is of high quality) … Continue reading

The Internet And Your Finances

The internet is a very useful tool for keeping on top of all things financial. We can check bank balances any time, pay bills quickly without using a stamp, research investments, and more. It can also be a budget buster, if you are not careful. Online shopping is fast and easy – almost too fast and too easy. Advertisements are everywhere you turn. Sometimes, you visit an online store to buy something that you need, only to be enticed to add an extra item or two or more to your cart in order to get free shipping. Of course, that … Continue reading

More Stress-Free Savings

Not for nothing, but I just can’t see making my own laundry detergent for the rest of my life, regardless of how much money it could potentially save me. This is not to say that I look down on those who do. In fact, I admire individuals who possess the wherewithal to combine different ingredients and magically mix-up a concoction that actually gets clothes clean. What’s more, I am not above finding alternative ways to sanitize my home without breaking the bank. For example, rather than use Clorox to disinfect my kitchen sink and counters, I use vinegar, water and … Continue reading

Stress-Free Savings

There isn’t a soul out there who doesn’t relish saving cash. However, many people don’t take advantage of money-saving opportunities because they feel it takes up too much time or energy. For example, my dad refuses to cut coupons as he feels it is a waste of his precious time. What he doesn’t realize is that he could potentially save hundreds of dollars per month by simply sitting in his recliner and working a pair of scissors for a few minutes each week. If coupon cutting or rebate programs are not your cup of tea, then consider modifying your lifestyle … Continue reading

Encouraging Kids to Make Their Own Cash

In most homes, “encouraging” is easily interchanged with “threatening.” After all, how many parents relish seeing their fully capable teens sleeping in until noon and then lounging on the couch watching TV or texting when they could be gainfully employed at a decent summer job? Aside from the freedom to purchase expensive jeans, apps, music, and other teen-related must-haves, there are a slew of additional benefits that your child can gain from a summer job, including: learning responsibility, managing time well, honing math and reading skills, communicating, prioritizing, budgeting money and working on interpersonal relationships. However, before your child can … Continue reading

Look Good On Any Budget

I love clothes. However, my wardrobe has been looking rather shabby and not at all chic for quite some time. The reason? I have not had much time or money available for clothes shopping over the past couple of years. This afternoon while I was looking through my drawers for something to wear, I realized that there are probably ways that I can freshen up my wardrobe even with a very limited budget. Sure enough, there are tons of tips online for how you can look great for less. Here are a few that I intend to try. If you … Continue reading

Mad Dash for Serious Summer Cash

My daughter is hunting for a summer job, so she can earn money to purchase this. She’s seven. I told her that if she picked up her toys, set the table for dinner and help fold towels, at least five days a week, I’d give her $5. She turned down my offer. “I want to walk dogs for money,” she replied dryly. “Not fold towels.” Well, then, I sure hope our neighbors don’t turn her down when she solicits her services or she’s going to be one poor kid this summer. And by poor, I mean the Bank of Mommy … Continue reading

Avoid Financial Surprises During Your Retirement

The subject of how much money a person needs for retirement is a tricky one. Each person’s needs are slightly different, which can make for difficulty in deciding what a good amount is. There are also some things that you may not think about which may come up later on and cause trouble. One of the most difficult things to think about or discuss is health care. No one likes to talk about it because as we grow older, many things can happen with our health. We may be affected by a major illness, for example, or arrive at a … Continue reading

Don’t Tolerate Bullying By Bill Collectors

Are you feeling like you receive more phone calls from bill collectors than you’re your friends and family combined? Getting those calls can make you feel awful – chances are that you are well aware of the debt but you are simply not able to pay it at the present time. You may avoid picking up the phone because you do not feel like there is anything that you can do about the debt, so why bother. Unfortunately, bill collectors are allowed to call you in an attempt to collect money from you. Fortunately, there are rules that they must … Continue reading