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Family Fun and Education with Trivia

Trivia is fun but it can also be educational. Even if you don’t know some answers right away, you’ll learn them as you go. Every family member can add to his or her basic knowledge through trivia. Remember, not all questions necessarily have to be about “trivial” subjects even if they are not facts that are necessary to know in the course of a day.

“Trivial Pursuit” is cited as the most popular game in the world. It was hot when it first came out and is still quite popular, as it continues to expand, but we can make up our own trivia games too. We can also find great trivia websites, including pages just for kids. We can make up questions of our own to entertain each other during times when we must sit and wait, on long drives, or to have some fun together any time.

Everyone gets a chance to see how much he or she knows. How observant are we about the world around us? Find out by playing a great trivia game, checking out a trivia site, or making a list of your very own questions.

There are different variations you can try, such as listing questions that reference things that happened in history on today’s date, or any particular date. Try birthdays and holidays. Another option is making up a list of questions regarding a favorite movie, band, or celebrity. Families that are centered on faith may find it interesting to make up trivia lists with questions about favorite Bible stories or people from the Bible.

What other subjects would make a good trivia game? You’re sure to come up with lots of great ideas. You can play by having family members write down answers and then make a simple scoring system, such as allotting one point for each question that is answered correctly. The person with the most points wins.

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