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Have a Special Valentines Day on a Budget

Have a Special Valentines Day on a BudgetSure, most of us would love to spend Valentine’s Day with diamonds and a five-star restaurant meal, but meaningful expressions of love don’t have to come with a price tag. Sometimes the most romantic nights cost nothing at all.

If you are worried that your budget won’t allow for an elaborate Valentine’s Day celebration, just relax. There are plenty of ways to create a wonderful experience, and show your partner that he or she is absolutely adored.

Here are some practical ways to make your Valentine’s Day special on a budget.

Spend More Time Thinking Instead of Shopping

Really take the time to think about what would make your partner feel special. Why not try recreating your first date? You could take a walk on the beach and come upon your names written in the sand and entwined with hearts.  Think back to those things that brought the two of you together. Showing that you really know what might make your love happy is worth so much more meaningful than expensive presents purchased at the last minute.

Don’t Eliminate, Just Minimize

If you can’t afford a dozen red long-stem roses, don’t skip the flowers all together. Choose something less expensive, or show up for your date with one perfect rose, held between your teeth. Choose a large chocolate bar in his or her favorite flavor instead of a box of fancy chocolates.

Get Goofy Not Greedy

Some of the best romantic ideas don’t cost a thing at all. Put aside the idea that the more you buy the more you love. Instead, get a little goofy for an inexpensive Valentine’s Day the two of you won’t forget. Try your hand at writing a sappy love poem. Take several goofy photos of yourself holding hand-written signs declaring your love, then text or email those photos throughout the day.

Cheesy Works, Too!

The other side of Goofy is cheesy. A sassy little gift can be a lot of fun. Make an oversized “diamond” ring out of things you find around the house. Purchase a cheap plastic snow globe, if it reminds you of the time you had a fun snowball fight. How about ordering a t-shirt with your faces on it? Cheesy is usually cheap, but it can also have a lot of meaning.

Go with Homemade

Once upon a time, all Valentines were home made, so if you go this route, you are just being cool and retro. You can make your own cards, Valentine coupons, chocolate deserts, cookies, photo frames, whatever. Just make sure that you take your time with your homemade creations. No, they don’t have to be perfect. In fact, that is what help make them special keepsakes. However, you do want to make sure that it looks like you put your love into whatever you create. Just printing valentine coupons off of the Internet without making it personal just doesn’t work.


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