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How to Find Free Products

iStock_000008800185XSmallGet it free today. Here are the strategies that you can use to get free products, from shampoo and toothpaste to restaurant meals. Freebies are fun, and with this guide, you won’t have to pay for any of it.

Follow Companies on Facebook and Twitter

Free product coupons are often given away on Facebook and Twitter, and sometimes these promotions even include free full-sized products mailed to your door. Like and follow your favorite brands, and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of freebies.

Enter Contests and Promotions

Sure, it would be great to win that all-expenses vacation trip to Hawaii, but don’t ignore the lesser prizes that can be had through sweepstakes and instant win games. It is easy to enter, and the odds of winning a smaller prize are pretty good.

Combine Sales and Coupons

When there is a sale on a favorite product, check to see if you can get a coupon for it, either in the newspaper or a magazine or by printing it online at one of the many coupon websites. You can often get a huge number of free products this way, especially at drug stores when you do a triple play of sale, coupon and rewards.

Sign up for Product Tests

There are a number of companies that need you to test out products, and they will give you the products for free. Some of the more popular companies include Pinecone, Kraft and Vocalpoint (Proctor and Gamble).

Sign up to Spread the Word

Word of Mouth advertising is growing. Companies will give you several free full-size products in exchange for hosting a small gathering with your friends to show and talk about the products. BzzAgent and House Party are two agencies that can help you get started with this.

Get on Restaurant Mailing Lists and Visit on Your Birthday

Being on a restaurant’s mailing list (or emailing list) means you’ll get plenty of free product coupons and offers to eat for free. Visiting on your birthday is another way to get a free meal at most restaurants. Don’t forget to check for Kids Eat Free promotions, too.

Take Advantage of Free Sample Offers

Companies want to put their products in your hand in the hope that you will enjoy them and then purchase them. Take advantage of this to sign up for tons of free samples that you can get in the mail. Search freebie websites, magazine ads and Facebook for free sample offers. All it usually takes is filling out an online form to get your freebie sent to you.

Get Free Food Samples

Go into any grocery warehouse store or upscale grocery store on a Saturday, and you’ll be inundated with offers to try a free sample of one product or another, from coffee to steaks. Depending on how large the store, you may practically wind up with a meal before you leave.

Free Makeup Samples

Department stores and specialty make up stores offer plenty of free samples of their products. All you have to do is ask at the counter. Of course, you can also get a free makeover while you are there.

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