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Make Your Car Smell Nice and Save Money

Want a really frugal way to make your car smell wonderful? Here is a simply trick that will save you money over those commercial car fresheners.

Sometimes odor in your car just can’t be avoided. Maybe you brought home some chinese take out, or perhaps that awful smell led back to a long-forgotten milk sippy cup. Whichever the case, you might be tempted to go out and buy one of those commercial car fragrances. Yes, they still come in kitschy pine cone trees, as well as drops and sprays. But there is a better more frugal way to make your car smell nice.

First air the car out. On a nice day, open all of the windows and even the doors, if you can. Let nature naturally carry any offending odors away. When you have got your car back to neutral (in smells, that is), then you are ready to add some nice pleasant scent.

A really frugal way to do this is to save the bits of wax that are left over from a scented candle after the wick burns through. Cut these bits of wax up into chunks (you can use a butter knife and cut the wax on a paper plate or a piece of paper bag).

Then find a clean sock. Use one that is old and worn, or a single sock whose mate is so far lost that it must be in Siberia. You want to make sure that the sock doesn’t have any actual holes. Me? I use a sock from a pair I will never wear. A friend gave me the socks, and I love her generosity, but sock covered in lobsters is just not my thing.

Place the scented wax bits in the sock. Then, tie a knot in the sock and place it in your car. A good place for your wax-filled sock is under your seat. This position will keep it out of the way, but pretty close to your nose whenever you enter your car.

Mary Ann Romans also writes for the Computing Blog here at Families.com where she shares everything from the latest news on technology to cool downloads and fun websites.

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