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Making the Most of an Internship


Securing a summer internship in the world of professional photography is only part of the battle. Making the most of your opportunity by turning it into a stepping stone for future employment should be your ultimate goal. Even if you are planning to go back to school as soon as your internship is over, you can still put your new skills to use by working the freelance market.

Any new skills gained through a summer internship should be used to spice up your portfolio. A portfolio is a compilation of your best work, which you show to prospective clients. If you want to make a living as a photographer you need to have an exceptional portfolio filled with a range of images. And by range, I don’t mean quantity over quality. Rather, when you are first starting out in the business, less is often more. In other words, it’s better to have a smaller portfolio featuring high-quality images rather than a thick portfolio filled with mediocre images. Just remember to carefully examine each and every photo before adding it to your portfolio.

Another important factor when working the freelance market is price. Most beginners don’t have a clue about freelance photography pricing quotes. If you are just getting started in the field, check out fotoQuote. The popular, user-friendly software is considered by many as the industry standard for pricing pictures; even the pros employ it to determine photo price quotes. The company behind fotoQuote conducts extensive research on actual sales records from thousands of agencies and individual professional photographers. It then lists this information on a comprehensive price grid for budding freelancers to use as a guide for selling their very best shots. In addition to insuring that you get paid fairly for your work, the program also helps you to set fair image license fees.

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