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Precise Portions Dinnerware

We all know that one of the key elements to maintaining or losing weight is portion control. We try to stay on target but often without a guideline we end up eating too much bread and not enough veggies. I remember someone suggesting you mentally divide your plate up in three sections with a large section for veggies and two smaller ones for meat and starch. Funny, I only remember that once I use the largest section for pasta and finish my plate. Can I make up for that by eating double veggies? No? Okay. So, if you are like me and need some extra help remembering your portion size or you want to train your family what true portions look like I have the answer. Recently I came across one of the coolest things in portion control; dinnerware.

So what is Precise Portions? For me, it’s my new dinnerware and most likely a source of gifts for the future. I am so in love with this concept that I just had to share it with you. Precise Portions has a line of plates, bowls, and glasses which are discreetly marked with portion sizes. Now, this is not a plastic training plate to use until you graduate to using real china. This is the part that makes this item the best thing I have come across in a long time. The plates and bowls are thick, sturdy and beautiful porcelain! The glasses are real thick sturdy glass.

There are two types of the plates, the Focus Plates and the Life-style plates. The Focus Plates are basically the training plates to teach you how much to eat with portions written on the plate and a set comes with placemats which act as guides for eating properly with a ton of useful information. I use them for nutrition class with my kids during homeschooling. The plates may be “trainer” plates in my opinion but they are still porcelain. The Life-style plates simply have a vine design which section off your plate. The glasses have the same vine which marks the glass at 4 ounces and again at 8 ounces. This is beautiful as my kids have a tendency to drink far too much juice. The bowls are discreetly marked on the inside of the bowl at ¼ cup and ½ cup. This is perfect for cereal as my kids get a little cereal happy. Of course, it has many other uses as well. Can you see why I am so excited about this? I can have my kids scoop food onto plates and know they are not overdoing the mac and cheese or the pasta. Of course, this is extremely useful for adults who just want to eat right but I have been primarily using the guide and items during nutrition class as I mentioned. If you have any concerns on portion control for your family I recommend a set of these plates. I am a firm believer in raising children from an early age to eat properly and this is the tool I am using and seeing results with. It also has saved me quite a bit of milk and juice since they are only allowed to pour to the 4 ounce mark. At first they resisted until they learned that the proper portion was truly enough.

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