$600,000 Worth Of Minion Beanie Babies Sent to LAUSD

What would you do if your kids came home from school with Beanie Babies that were themed after the Despicable Me franchise? Several parents may be wondering who sent nearly 75,000 of them to the Los Angeles Unified School District, Insider reported. The donation came from a nonprofit that typically serves homeless shelters and food banks. According to Insider, the mysterious arrival of the stuffed animals was three years in the making, beginning when 11 semi-trucks-worth of the toys arrived at a warehouse for the nonprofit, Shelter Partnership. Over that time, the donor’s identity has remained a secret. And the … Continue reading

The Importance of Not Sharing

It’s one of life’s most important lessons and it doesn’t come easy. Sharing is a challenging concept for many adults to master, so imagine the toll it takes on preschoolers. Most preschool curriculums incorporate a slew of opportunities for four year olds to learn the fine art of sharing.  They are taught to be generous with their possessions so their peers don’t feel left out.  However, is sharing really caring?  Does it really matter if kids share and share alike? Some educators don’t think so. In fact, a growing number of preschools are putting the kibosh on forced sharing in … Continue reading

Top 5 Favorite Toys

Toys come and go but some are classics that stick around whether you want them to or not.  Sometimes the simple toys are the ones that all the kids like.  After having four kids there are a few staples that all the kids enjoyed.  I get a little tired of buying toy phones and cans of Play Doh but each child should get their chance to play with some of the classics.  I will never quite understand how my children are so attracted to a toy phone since I cannot stand talking on the phone.  But, I must admit I … Continue reading

Four Ways to Downsize the Gimmies

Don’t let the “Gimmies” take over your home. Use the following advise to downsize the constant requests for stuff from your kids. Limit Media Exposure The number of commercial ads that our kids are exposed to on a daily basis is staggering. All of those ads have just one purpose, to sell us stuff, our kids included. The more ads our children are exposed to, the more things they will believe that they have to have. These ads are very clever at manipulating our children into never being satisfied and always wanting more. Limiting the media exposure our children receive … Continue reading

Making Room for New Toys

With the abundance of Christmas presents Logan gets from friends and family each and every year, I find myself wondering where in the world we are going to put everything. We’ve already got so much squished into our little basement bedroom that I’m not sure much else will fit. Luckily, this gives us a fabulous excuse to do some spring cleaning. That means Logan and I will be going through all of his toy boxes and setting aside the toys he doesn’t play with anymore to make room for the new ones. He has several toy boxes and has been … Continue reading

Sticky Situation – Siblings and Sharing

If you have a toddler and a baby, chances are that one thing you will experience is your toddler snatching toys out of the baby’s hands. Sometimes the baby will protest loudly, other times the baby might look surprised but remain quiet, and still other times the baby may appear to have no reaction to the supposed injustice that just occurred. Believe it or not, this can actually be a tricky situation to navigate and the most beneficial thing to do might not be what you would think. When you see a toddler taking a toy from a baby, your … Continue reading