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Tips for the Teen Road Trip Challenge


For many parents, taking teens on a summer road trip is not exactly a relaxing vacation option. In fact, for some moms and dads, the idea of being trapped in a cramped vehicle with moody kids could be categorized as downright torture.

The mere act of persuading a teen to enthusiastically partake in a family road trip is a challenge in itself. However, once you hurdle that initial obstacle there are ways to make the rest of the trip run a bit smoother. And who knows; you may even strengthen the family bond in the process.

Choice of Vehicle: Embarking on a long road trip with a bunch of teens squeezed in the back of your vehicle can make for a bumpy journey. After all, no one wants to be stuck sitting in the middle seat for 500 miles. If your everyday ride is tight, you might consider renting a larger vehicle that allows your teens to spread out comfortably as you head out on the highway. While a spacious vehicle may cost more to rent and fuel up, peace and harmony on the road is priceless.

Destination: It would behoove you to involve your teens in the vacation planning process. Springing a secret destination on young adults doesn’t typically go over well. What’s more, if your teen’s input on possible destinations is seriously considered, he will likely embrace the trip more, and the whining and complaining may be kept to a minimum.

Portable Technology: One of the main reasons most teens don’t jump at the chance to take an extended summer road trip with their families is because they fear losing touch with friends. To avoid this anxiety, allow your children the opportunity to stay in contact with their BFFs via texting and phone calls. However, it’s also a good idea to implement boundaries in regards to smartphone use. Consider putting time limits on conversations and requesting that they don’t communicate with pals during family activities.

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