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Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Stuck at Home

Your family might live in an area that is under “Stay at Home” orders. People are working from home, and schools are closed, in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. This leaves many parents struggling to keep their kids entertained. It’s time to think outside of the box! Here are some ideas that can help.

Storytime from Space

Real astronauts read kids a storybooks from space. Titles include: Ada Twist, Scientist, Moustronaut (written by astronaut Mark Kelly and read by his brother Scott Kelly), and more! The videos are free to view from the Storytime in Space website.

Explore Mars With NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Visit the NASA “Access Mars” website (made by Google) to take a WebVR trip across the real surface of Mars, recorded by the Curiosity Rover. There is also a page on that website that has information about the experiment, mapping the terrain, using the data, and more.

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams

Tune in one of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Live Cams, and watch animals, fish, and birds. Choose from: Aviary Cam, Coral Reef Cam, Jelly Cam, Kelp Forest Cam, Monterey Bay Cam, Moon Jelly Cam, Open Sea Cam, Penguin Cam, Sea Otter Cam, and Shark Cam.

Crayola.com Free Coloring Pages

Parents can print out as many free coloring pages from Crayola as their kids want to color. Choose from categories like: New Coloring Pages, Disney, Characters, Seasons, Plants & Animals, Places, or Words & Letters. Parents can get in on the fun by printing some Adult Coloring Pages. Each one has an intricate design that will be too difficult for little kids to color.

Your Local Library

It is possible that your local library will be closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit their website. The library might allowing people to check out digital books. This might be useful for teens who are bored and need something interesting to read.

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