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When Will I Need Maternity Clothes?

When you become pregnant, one of the first things that you may wonder about is what on earth you are going to wear for the next nine months. Of course, baby bellies don’t start showing at the moment of conception, so even if you are expecting your second or a subsequent child, you still have some time to plan your maternity wardrobe. While there is no one definitive answer for when you will need to buy maternity clothes, you can expect that you will need them sooner if this is not your first pregnancy.

Often, a pregnant women needs to transition from making do with stretchy tops and elastic waisted items from her existing wardrobe into actual maternity clothing some time around for or five months into her pregnancy. The bad news is that maternity clothes can be pricey. The good news is that there are ways around buying a lot of expensive things that you will only be able to use for a few months.

When you shop for maternity clothes, keep your style true to what you like to wear. Invest in a few great new maternity pieces, such as a couple of comfortable yet flattering pairs of maternity jeans or some leggings and a really cute dress. Then, go bargain hunting for things to pair up with those new items by shopping outside the maternity department, and at thrift stores and yard sales. You may be surprised by just how many loose tops and flowy dresses from the regular clothing racks at your favorite stores look great on your pregnant body if you dare to try them on in a few sizes larger than your normal size.

Also, don’t forget about your feet. If they have not started swelling yet, they may. Many pregnant women experience at least a little swelling in their feet, which can make even your favorite shoes feel a little bit uncomfortable. Treat yourself to a couple of new pairs of flat shoes or sandals and maybe some comfortable sneakers. Make sure that they are a bit wider than what you usually wear – your feet will thank you later.