Sometimes Odd But New Uses for Old Stuff

There is a certain addiction in our household. I can almost say it is a competition sometimes. We all enjoy discovering new uses for items that are used for something else entirely. The stranger the use the better, though we all agree it must be practical too. I have written articles about lots of the things we reuse often, however I plan to write some new ones too. In honor of the new articles that are coming, I thought I would recap my favorite reusable items. A Clever and Very Frugal Way to Use Torn Panty Hose I am completely … Continue reading

New Uses for Straws

With all the cleaning and purging we are doing as we prepare the house to go on the market, we are coming across dozens of items that we seem to have a lot of. The other day I opened a kitchen cabinet and way in the back behind bottles of seasoning and other things, was six – yes you saw that correctly – six unopened packages of straws. Four of them have more than 200 straws in them. Why in the world do we have so many straws? I seriously have no clue, but I do know what I will … Continue reading

Great Frugal Uses for Tennis Balls

Most families have tennis balls somewhere around the home. And if they don’t, consider this. Tennis balls are seriously inexpensive, and make great toys for kids and pets alike. But in addition to pets and children, tennis balls are useful for many different purposes around the home too. For Pets One of my favorite uses for tennis balls is for dogs to chase and cats to bat around the house. They are a cheap toy that can provide hours of entertainment for your pets. For Humans Children can use them to play catch, or any other game that requires a … Continue reading

A Clever and Very Frugal Way to Use Torn Panty Hose

I am completely fascinated by new and useful ways to use items that have run their course, which you can probably tell by many of the articles that I write. When a friend recently showed me a new trick with some panty hose that had a tear in them, I was so excited to go home and try the same thing. So what was this clever, practical and very frugal thing she did? Cleaning out a hairbrush is simply not fun, but it is sanitary and should be done regularly. It is so hard to get all of the hair … Continue reading

Frugal Tips to Decorate Creatively

Decorating your home with little touches, is a wonderful way to make it yours, and comfortable. However, it can be extremely expensive when you got purchase all the extras and wall hangings. Here are some ideas for decorating a bit more creatively, with not a lot of money. Tip #1 – Stock up on Frames Keep them on hand. Buy them at garage and yard sales, antique stores and on clearance at local department and discount chains. If someone offers to give you some, take them. Store them in a closet until you need them. THEN, when you are ready … Continue reading

Award Show Secrets

Do you ever watch the award shows – the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, etc. – and wonder how the women can look so effortlessly beautiful? They usually (note I said USUALLY) have spectacular gowns, flawless hair and makeup, and beautifully jeweled shoes. revealed that there are a few secrets used to help them look “naturally” beautiful. What kind of secrets to the stars possess that we mere mortals do not have access to? You probably know that many are offered their pick of designer gowns well in advance of the shows. After they pick the gown, most have … Continue reading

Frugal Kids: Free Building Set

My 5-year-old son loves to build things. He carefully plans out machines and devices that in his imagination could do everything from picking up toys to feeding the cat. Sure we have invested in Legos, K’nex and Mega Blocs, but the downside to these toys is that unless you have an unlimited budget, the various pieces can add up in expense. Also, you can’t save any of the creations to display unless you never want to build anything with the pieces again. Our family’s solution was to establish a building box. Remember Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Johnny Depp)? … Continue reading