The Paleo Diet

You may have heard the Paleo diet described as “eat like a caveman”. Other names for it include: The Stone Age diet, or the Ancient diet. No matter what name you know it as, the overall concept of the Paleo diet is the same. The Paleo diet is an attempt to replicate the diet that humans who were alive during the Paleolithic age would have eaten. It is always a good idea to consult a doctor before choosing to start a new diet. Where did the Paleo diet come from? The Paleo diet has been around for longer than you … Continue reading

Best and Worst Celebrity Diet List of 2007

Diet Dr. and board-certified Physician Nutrition Specialist, Marc Lawrence M.D., has taken it upon himself to rate the best and worst celebrity diets for 2007. According to Dr. Lawrence: “Diets full of fruits and veggies, coupled with healthy lifestyle activities including walking, hiking and biking have fueled some of Hollywood’s biggest makeovers.” Best Celebrity Diets of the Year: 1. Ricki Lake. Ricki has been a yo-yo dieter for years but has finally found a system that fits. Ricki weighed 250 pounds in 1991 but has managed to reach 123 pounds. Ricki uses something we all wish we had the money … Continue reading

Another Success Story for the Maple Syrup Diet

Well, it isn’t just Beyonce using the Master Cleanse (Lemonade Diet, Maple Syrup Diet) to lose weight quickly. R & B superstar, Ashanti, has openly admitted to using the Master Cleanse to drop eight pounds this summer. In an effort to shape up and drop some extra weight before making the publicity rounds for the movie Resident Evil: Extinction, in which she appears, and her new album Declaration, Ashanti gave herself a week on the Master Cleanse. Rather than going to major extremes and following the fast for an extended period, Ashanti followed it for only seven days and tweaked … Continue reading

Maintaining Your Weight Loss After Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet

By now you’ve completed the Master Cleanse (also known as Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemonade Diet) and completed three days (Day #1) (Day #2) (Day #3) of gently allowing your body to adjust to processing solid foods once again. You should start your fourth day off the cleanse with easily digested foods such as unsweetened fruit juice, vegetable soup (from day two), vegetable salad or fresh fruits. If you’ve spent any time during your fast considering your lifestyle and the foods you used to eat, you’re probably pretty anxious to get started on a healthier lifestyle now. Coming … Continue reading

Coming off Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet, Day #3

Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet Coming off Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet, Day #1 Coming off Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet, Day #2 Support Forum for Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet This is the third day of your three-day transition from the Master Cleanse (also known as Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemonade Diet). Your system has been totally cleansed and you are slowly easing your body into getting used to processing food again. You should be feeling pretty fantastic! You should start day three with a light breakfast of orange juice. For lunch, you can have more of day two’s vegetable soup. … Continue reading

Coming Off Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet, Day #2

Continued from Day #1 On day two coming off the Master Cleanse (also known as Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet or the Lemonade Diet), you can begin to introduce more into your system than just orange juice but you aren’t ready for steak and salad just yet. Just as you did on day #1, feel free to drink several glasses of orange juice or orange juice mixed with water as well as herbal teas. You should also continue to drink plenty of water! For lunch and dinner on Day #2 you can try a light vegetable soup and one or two … Continue reading

Coming Off Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet, Day #1

What I’ve been calling Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet is actually the Master Cleanse which was originally created by Stanley Burroughs many years ago. I do not advocate starvation diets. I prefer not to think of this as a “diet” but as a way to cleanse one’s system and break addictions prior to getting started on a sensible lifestyle plan. People have used it to break caffeine and chocolate addictions as well as those more serious addictions that I am simply not qualified to discuss here. I’ve used this cleanse successfully and been a long-time participant in the Beyonce’s Maple Syrup … Continue reading

Mission Possible FAQs: Why Are You Against Organized Diets?

I have gotten so many questions about Mission Possible that I’ve started a new ‘sub-feature’ called Mission Possible FAQs. I am always happy to address questions that come to me and will be doing so over the next few days. Feel free to leave any questions below, or in the Mission Possible forum, or of course, you can PM me. One reader asks: Why do you seem to be so down on weight loss programs and diets? Lots of people have been helped by centers like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and yet you seem to have some sort of … Continue reading

Diet Hype: Looking For the Next Fad

When you need to lose weight, it’s easy to fall prey to passing trends. The lure of quick weight loss is everywhere, promising a healthy, beautiful body with minimal effort. It’s sad to say, but there is a lot of money to be made peddling potions, pills, bangles, and devices to overweight people. Just the other day, I was scanning a mail order catalog. I came across an ad for a weight loss ring and this is how it’s supposed to work. Depending upon which finger the ring is worn, the pressure causes weight loss in a specific part of … Continue reading

Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet

Beyonce Knowles says not to do this but openly admits that she used it to lose 20 pounds in 10 days during the filming of Dreamgirls. While we appreciate comments below the blog, please click here to bring your questions to our forum dedicated specifically to the Master Cleanse and find out more about this fast. There you’ll find plenty of people who have successfully used it and even find a downloadable copy of the official Master Cleanse. Just click here now! The former Destiny’s Child singer who has a very successful solo singing career as well as an acting … Continue reading