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Beyonce’s Maple Syrup Diet

Beyonce Knowles says not to do this but openly admits that she used it to lose 20 pounds in 10 days during the filming of Dreamgirls.

While we appreciate comments below the blog, please click here to bring your questions to our forum dedicated specifically to the Master Cleanse and find out more about this fast. There you’ll find plenty of people who have successfully used it and even find a downloadable copy of the official Master Cleanse. Just click here now!

The former Destiny’s Child singer who has a very successful solo singing career as well as an acting career is well known for her bootylicious body and not exactly the kind of woman we’d expect to use a diet like this but Hollywood makes for strange bedfellows. I have no idea how much she was paid for the role, but I’m sure a star like Beyonce doesn’t come cheap. I suppose I could fast for 10 days too if somebody was paying me several million dollars for the look! Quite frankly, I’ve fasted for far less than that and never came out looking like Beyonce!

So here it is, the Maple Syrup Diet, also known as the Lemon Cleansing Diet, the Lemonade Diet or the Master Cleanse which can supposedly be used for 3-10 days safely. This diet isn’t new. The naturopath, Stanley Borroughs, developed it back in the 1950’s. Be forewarned: a “cleansing reaction” is often noticed in the first two days. (That’s diarrhea to you and me.)

Take a clean one-gallon jug and pour in the following:

3 Quarts of Water

1 Cup Lemon Juice

1 Cup Pure Maple Syrup (not maple flavored, but the REAL stuff) or molasses

1 Teaspoon Cayenne

Shake it all up and drink 8-12 glasses a day.

Warning: You will experience cravings, aches, pains, mental irritability and fatigue. These are symptoms of your body’s detoxification.

If you really want to flush your system, proponents of the Master Cleanse recommend doing the following:

1. Go to your local health food store and get an herbal laxative tea that contains senna. While you’re there purchase about 1 cup of non-iodized sea salt.

2. Every morning, before your lemonade, mix two teaspoons of the sea salt with a quart of water and chug. Make sure you are near a toilet and have about an hour to spare. You’ll need it.

3. Every night, drink a cup of your laxative tea.

This fast should not be used for more than 10 days and you should wait at least four weeks before repeating it. Supposedly this fast dissolves toxins and is great for breaking up mucous. (That much lemon and cayenne will clear anybody’s sinuses!)

Whatever you do, do not go directly back to a rich diet after your time on this fast. In fact, the best thing to do during a fast like this is to start setting your mind to healthy eating so that when you go off the fast you can start fresh on a healthy nutrition plan that will keep you body clean and strong. To ease out of the fast, do the following:

On the first day after your fast, drink unsweetened fruit juices. For details, click here.

On the second day, you can begin to eat soup. For details, click here.

On the third day you may begin to eat light foods. Whatever you do, do not “wake up” your digestive system with high fat foods. It could be a very painful awakening.

Please click here to visit our forum and find out more about this fast. There you’ll find plenty of people who have successfully used it and even find a downloadable copy of the official Master Cleanse. Just click here now!

Author’s PS: I’ve had a terrible cold for days and nothing seemed to clear up my sinuses. I tried a glass of this “Lemonade” and in the time it took me to say “Man, this stuff tastes awful!” my sinuses were clear.

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